Honda Rolling Out Two More Hybrids Next Year

honda insight tbi

Honda rolls out more hybrids in 2010. [Green Car Reports]

House Democrats nervous a yes vote on cap and trade will sink the party. [Politico]

PUT NUCLEAR IN THE BILL! says James Inhofe. [Politico]

Oil and gas companies have it too easy. [Politico]

Despite the stomach churning movements in commodities of late, they’re a good long term investment. [NYT]

The first ever SunPower solar panel. [Greentech Media]

CFTC regulation of speculators proves the value of speculation. [WSJ]

Paul Krugman is baffled by the fact that we can’t tackle climate change legislation. [NYT]

McKinsey tells the U.K. to get more nuclear power and less wind. [Bloomberg]

Zipcar CEO: We’re not going electric anytime soon. [Earth2Tech]


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