Honda's new Ridgeline Pickup takes aim at Ford and GM

Honda Ridgeline 2017HondaThe brand new 2017 Honda Ridgeline.

Honda re-introduced its mid-size Ridgeline pickup at the Detroit Auto Show this morning.

It’s a re-introduction because Honda shelved the truck after the 2014 model.

The first generation Ridgeline debuted a decade ago. Its unorthodox design and its lack of a V8 engine made it the truck for people who don’t like traditional trucks.

Now it’s back, with one of the largest beds in its class and a more traditional styling to help the Ridgeline compete more directly by truck offerings by General Motors and Ford.

It’s also got an in-bed audio system that should make tailgaters happy, the company said.

Pickup trucks are serious business: last year alone, industry leader Ford moved
780,354 F-Series pickups, continuing the line’s reign as the best-selling vehicle of all time, Motor Trend reported. That would be 1.5 trucks every minute of every day. At 600,000 units, Chevrolet’s Silverado line is not far behind.

By comparison, the 2014 Ridgeline sold just over 17 thousand units in the United States, steadily slipping from 42 thousand when the model was introduced in 2005.

The Detroit Auto Show serves as ground zero for the truck sales war raging between the big three American manufacturers and the various other competitors trying to capture market share.

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