Honda Exec Says Advertisers Are Becoming Fed Up With High Prices For Live Sports [THE BRIEF]

Russell Henley at Honda ClassicAP Photo/Wilfredo LeeGolfer Russell Henley celebrates after winning the Honda Classic, one of the auto brand’s many sports sponsorships.

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Honda marketing executive Tom Peyton says advertisers are coming to a point where they will eventually stop wanting to pay such high prices to advertise during sporting events. Peyton says that though rights fees and ad rates for major sporting events continue to go up, the number of people watching them is not. “It could go very quickly. Yeah, the day of reckoning is soon,” Peyton said at the 2014 IMG World Congress of Sports conference.

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings lambasted Comcast for forcing Netflix to pay to ensure that its streaming video to Comcast customers would arrive smoothly. In a post on the company’s blog, Hastings said that ISPs like Comcast charging extra for large content streamers takes advantage of weak net neutrality laws.

Coca-Cola is partnering with luxury glassware maker Riedel to create a $US20 glass made especially to enhance Coke’s “flavour profile.”

Digiday spoke with the person behind @ExMediaMan, a new Twitter account that has enthralled members of the digital media with juicy gossip and stinging critiques of the web publishing industry.

72andSunny hired The Barbarian Group’s Maximillan Kislev to be a brand director on the Google account. Kislev was most recently account director of business development at Barbarian.

Memorial Sloan Kettering appointed DigitasLBi its digital agency partner.

Viacom and Tumblr made a deal to do co-branded campaigns for major events running on Viacom networks. Tumblr was very active during Miley Cyrus’ famous twerking performance during Viacom-owned MTV’s Video Music Awards.

Ad Age explores the data marketing tactics the Republican Party used to win a special election for a House of Representatives seat in Florida. The GOP used its “Honey Badger” voter database to find Republican voters likely to return absentee ballots and vote for David Jolly.

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