Hometime Hoot: We Love These Amazing Tiny Artworks

G’day and welcome to Hometime Hoot, our daily moment on the way home designed to give you a laugh and a little fresh air.

This piece by Spanish street artist Issac Cordal has been doing the rounds on Twitter this week.

We dug a little deeper and will start by debunking the claim that it’s specifically about global warming. The series is called ‘Follow the leaders’ in which he uses up to 2000 small ceramic figures in various found locations – gutters, puddles, rubble. Cordal describes it as “a metaphor for the collapse of capitalism and the side effects of progress”.

“Follow the leaders is a critical reflection on our inertia as a social mass. Representing a social stereotype associated with power compound businessmen who run the global social spectrum,” he explains.

The work pictured dates from 2011 in Berlin.

Safe trip home and have a good weekend. We’ll see you again Monday.

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