Hometime Hoot: Vale Bob Casale, Devo Guitarist & Thanks For Whipping It Real Good

G’day and welcome to Hometime Hoot, Business Insider’s daily post to help you unwind on the way home from work.

Today we say goodbye to a small part of Business Insider’s childhood with the passing of guitarist Bob Casale, one of the founding members of cult 80s band Devo. Casale died from heart failure on Monday, aged 61. He founded the band, along with his brother Gerard, back in the 70s, but they really hit their straps in 1980 with the hit track Whip It.

Personally, we think Freedom of Choice (with Beautiful World a close second) was one of Devo’s finest moments (the band’s name is a shortening of De-evolotion), and a pointer to the Google era with the line “Freedom of choice, Is what you got, Freedom from choice, Is what you want …”

Farewell Bob. Thanks for such fun, catchy music. Here’s Devo’s cover of the Rolling Stones’ (I can’t get no) Satisfaction.

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Safe trip home, especially if you’re in Sydney with the storm and see you tomorrow.

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