Hometime Hoot: The Valentine's Day Skill You Need - How To Uncork Champagne With A Sabre

G’day and welcome to Hometime Hoot, Business Insider’s daily post to help you unwind on the way home from work.

It’s Valentine’s Day. How are you going to impress the one you love? A serenade? A poem? Roses from Roses Only?

We have a plan: how about uncorking champagne with a sabre.

This video from New York Magazine shows you how to do it – the technique is known as “sabrage” – not with a sabre, but a large kitchen knife.

The handy tip is if you have kids, make sure they’re wearing shoes, because glass goes everywhere…

At this point our lawyers would tell us to say we take no responsibility for it, so don’t try this at home, kids, just enjoy watching.

Oh and for the person who really does have everything, you really can buy a champagne sabre – here’s the online shop!

If you find anything fun to share with your fellow readers, I’m on Twitter: @simonthomsen

Safe trip home, enjoy the rest of Valentine’s Day. We hope you’re up all night to get lucky. See you Monday.

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