Hometime Hoot: The Canadians Are Beating Australia At The Olympics Where It Counts - Beer

G’day and welcome to Hometime Hoot, Business Insider’s daily post to help you unwind on the way home from work.

Yay Torah Bright, silver medallist at Sochi! Her joy is infectious and Australia is on the scoreboard.

But we’re being beaten in a manner that’s dear to Business Insider’s heart: beer.

The gold medal goes to Canadian brewer Molson, who combined hops and patriotism to come up with a beer fridge that only opens if you have a Canadian passport – and they’ve sent it to the Olympics, where it’s made quite an impression.

How has a great beer drinking nation like Australia missed out? Where is our Aussie-only beer fridge? Where are the Crownies when you really need them – like after winning medals? Forget the iPods, our snowboarders need a few stubbies before tackling that dodgy half-pipe!

Watch the story of the Molson fridge here. It’s a 99.8 from the judges.

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Safe trip home and see you tomorrow.

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