Hometime Hoot: Qantas Is Getting Smashed In More Ways Than One

G’day and welcome to Hometime Hoot, Business Insider’s daily post to help you unwind on the way home from work.

Has Alan Joyce over-reached in crying wolf about his airline? Do you get the feeling the tide is starting to turn against Qantas?

The Government seems lukewarm to the company’s pleading and the Opposition is dead against their demands. It looks like everyone’s lining up for a whack, which is precisely what comedians Tom Gleeson and Heath Franklin did five years ago in this clip from a pilot (no pun intended) for a comedy show.

It’s a touch NSFW on the audio, but suspect it sums up how far too many people have felt about Qantas in recent years.

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Safe trip home and we’ll see you tomorrow.

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