Feel Like A Fish In These Nine Awesome Homes That Actually Float

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Living close to a body of water has its share of real estate perks—water views, waterfront properties, private beaches, and personal boat launches are a few top-of-mind examples.One type of real estate that ultimately takes advantage of water, however, is the floating home.

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Perhaps the most popular floating home was the one used in the hit movie, “Sleepless in Seattle,” starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. 

Not to be confused with a house boat—which is mobile and can move around—a floating home is permanently attached to a dock, is connected to a sewer system and does not have its own means of propulsion. But, like a house boat, it has incredible water views.

Ranging in size from small (800 sq ft) to large (5,000 sq ft), floating homes aren’t for individuals who are claustrophobic, or easily irritated by disturbances from otters, rowers, and people who poke and nose around in their kayaks. But space isn’t the selling point.

“We’re selling the lifestyle more than anything else because it is so rare and special,” says Rick Miner, a Seattle real estate agent and floating home owner for nearly 16 years.

Miner estimates there are less than 500 floating homes in Seattle and “less than 20 a year go on the market each year.”

Seattle has an abundance of floating homes, as do other locations along the West Coast, such as select areas of California and Oregon.

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This post originally appeared at Zillow.

HOUSE #1: Seattle, Washington

HOUSE #2: Seattle, Washington

For Sale: $825,000

2764 Westlake Ave. N, Apt G, Seattle, WA 98109

A downside to floating communities is the fact that the homes don't come with a driveway or garage close to your house. However, shops, grocery stores, and restaurants are usually a short walk away as is the case for this 1-bedroom floating home (pictured above) for sale on Seattle's Westlake real estate market.

HOUSE #3: Seattle, Washington

For Sale: $549,000

2321 Fairview Ave E, Slip 3, Seattle, WA 98102

Another one of the joys of living on the water is the opportunity to take your own boat to waterfront restaurants, an option for the new homeowners of this 2-bedroom home (pictured above), which is located on Lake Union, in the heart of Seattle. Like most floating home communities, this home has close neighbours and close proximity to city destinations.

HOUSE #4: Alameda, California

For Sale: $485,000

2394 Mariner Square Dr, B-12, Alameda, CA 94501

Some are even close to public transportation, as is noted in the property listing for a floating home on the Alameda real estate market for $485,000 (pictured above). The 1,000-sq ft home is right across from Jack London Square with 2 bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms, and spacious upper deck.

HOUSE #5: Portland, Oregon

For Sale: $169,000

11666 N Island Cove Ln, Portland, OR 97217

Located in Hayden Island near Portland, OR, this 2-bedroom, 1-bathroom home (pictured above) was built in 2007 and features hardwood and radiant-heat floors, surround sound, walk-in closets and a den all for $169,000. In price and structure, this is a rare find on both the Hayden Island real estate and Portland real estate markets.

HOUSE #6: Portland, Oregon

For Sale: $433,000

2023 N Jantzen Ave, Portland, OR 97217

This 3,000-sq ft Portland home on Hayden Island (above) has a gas fireplace in the living room, a slip for a 50-foot boat, sweeping river views and an upper master suite that offers 735 sq ft of space, including a sunroom.

HOUSE #7: Portland, Oregon

HOUSE #8: Portland, Oregon

For Sale: $599,900

18525 NE Marine Dr, SLIP D2, Portland, OR 97230

Gorgeous, modern floating home with green features, including Energy Star appliances. Smartly designed with three levels of decks to enjoy the Columbia River. The home features hardwood floors, has 2,436 sq ft, with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. Home comes with ownership of both sides of the dock and has room (12′x40′) for a boat.

HOUSE #9: Alameda, California

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