Check Out These 15 Crazy Homemade Prom Dresses

dorito dress

Photo: reddit

Diane McNease from Michigan made her prom dress from 18,000 Starburst wrappers she collected from family and friends. She’s not the only one putting time and effort into getting noticed at prom.Other crafty teens have made dresses from Dorito bags, coffee filters and bubble wrap.

They were rewarded for their efforts: one girl won $50,000 for her design, while another’s gown has traveled to art galleries around the world.

You can even buy dresses made from recycled materials–although they cost as much as a designer one.

A Reddit user posted this pic of her homemade bubble wrap prom dress to the site, garnering about 600 comments. Many people wanted to know how she'd sit down without popping.

Diane McNease from Michigan made the bodice of her prom dress using 18,000 Starburst wrappers she collected from family and friends. She also made a matching headband.

High school senior Aimee Kick made this dress out of unbleached coffee filters for a sustainability contest. It took a month to complete.

Maura Pozek made this dress out of recycled cardboard for the senior prom.

Another year, Maura made this dress from old Dorito bags, which her friend posted to Reddit.

Sarah Lottes from Ohio sewed this dress herself and won a $50,000 JoAnn Fabrics contest.

This prom dress is made from recycled hankerchiefs and is for sale on Etsy. It's $325.

The same Etsy seller offers this dress, made from recycled advertisements and lace.

This Reddit user posted a photo of her prom dress, made from newspapers. Her date has a matching bow tie.

This prom dress may look like it's the popular feathered style, but it's actually made from shredded tax forms.

Colorado high school junior Regan Kerr spent two years collecting more than 5,000 soda tabs which she wove together into this dress.

The girl who posted photos of her in this dress to the forum says it took 101 Skittles wrappers and 15 hours to make.

Elizabeth Rasmuson made the bodice of her dress from recycled gum wrappers and made a matching vest for her boyfriend.

Izzy Bristow from Colorado made her dress out of duct tape. She won a $3,000 scholarship from a tape company.

Angela Bright made this dress out of used tea bags. It's traveled to galleries around the world.

You've seen crazy DIY prom dresses...

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