Here's A GIF Of A Homemade Drone Equipped With A Laser Gun

We’ve officially passed the point where “SkyNet” jokes go from being ironic references to “1984”-style warnings about the future.

Drake Anthony is a 20-year-old chemistry student at Southern Illinois University. Yesterday, he uploaded a video of a “homemade death ray laser drone bot” he built to his YouTube channel.

The video has approximately 37,500 views, but Anthony really went viral was Reddit, where a GIF of his invention was voted to the top of r/gifs, a subreddit with over 1.6 million subscribers.

While the robot’s 2-watt laser is only capable of popping balloons, it’s hard to watch the GIF and not think about what full-scale military drones are capable of:

Here’s the original video in which Anthony introduces his drone:

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