15 Awesome Homemade Halloween Costumes

Photo: Ramon Stoppelenburg

Who has money to splurge on Halloween costumes this year?Surely not millions of renters blowing their paycheck on housing, out-of-work Americans, or commuters throwing down $500 or so per month on gas.

The National Retail Federation pegs the average Halloween expenditure, including the costume, decorations, and candy, at $72.31. That’s way too much!

We tapped Andrew Schrage, founder of the personal finance blog, Money Crashers, for inventive DIY costume ideas using whatever you already have around the house. Get crafty, let loose, and have fun.

Facebook Page

'This is a pretty easy one,' says Schrage. 'Put your head in a cutout cardboard square with all your profile information on it.'

You could also try dressing as a meme, like the politically-incorrect 'balloon boy' from last year.

Make it: Grab a cardboard box, using blue and white paint to make it look like your profile page.


Dressing up as a mummy is as simple as wrapping yourself in countless rolls of Charmin. We can't guarantee you'll be warm in it, though!

Make it: Slip on a white tee, white tights (or pants), and a whole lot of TP.


This classic is perfect for time-strapped trick-or-treaters.

Make it: Grab a white sheet, some scissors to cut eye slits, or black paint to emphasise the ghoulish eyes.

Hershey's Kiss

How adorable is a kiss? Even more adorable on you (and this baby).

Make it: Take some tin foil, wrap it around your body and tape a lil' TP at the top for a ribbon.


Make it: Grab some faded jeans, preferably with patches, a flannel shirt, a rope for a belt, and a faded brown straw hat.

Beauty Queen

Make it: Slip on a fancy dress, a pair of heels, a tiara (if you have one), and a sash to boast your 'Miss America' honour.


Make it: For kids, dressing up as a clown is as easy as donning mum or Dad's clothes and using some makeup to create a goofy face. The red squishy nose is optional.


Make it: If you're already in med school, or have a friend who is, ask to borrow his or her scrubs, or more simply, just wear a white coat and a stethoscope.


Make it: Slip on some cozy pjs, preferably with an old-school, silly design. Grab a pacifier and you're good to go.


Make it: Pull on a blue T-shirt, using yellow and red tape to create the Superman 'S' logo. Put on a button down and black slacks, then top it off with thick-rimmed glasses.

Incredible Hulk

Make it: Rip off the bottom of your pants and slather green makeup all over your face, using dabs of grey or black to create a stern look.


Make it: Girls can put on a white dainty dress and ugly worn shoes, then top it off with a loosely-tied head scarf.


Make it: All you need is the hat, a gun holster, a red bandana and some beaten-up blue jeans, says Schrage. The beige vest is optional.


Make it: Either buy or make your own wings, using glitter to create that ethereal vibe. Get into the pixie spirit with a flirty slip dress.


'All you need to be Lady Gaga is a ton of makeup, a blonde wig, and some goofy outfits,' jokes Schrage.

Make it: Study your favourite celeb online, preferably someone with a standout look, like J.Lo or Gaga, and taking what you have in your closet, repurpose it to resemble something he or she would wear.

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