We Tried This Do-It-Yourself Kit That Turns Cheap Vodka Into Gin

Making your own liquor can be dangerous (not to mention illegal).

But we’re in something of a craft distilling renaissance these days, and people really want to make their own booze.

For gin enthusiasts, now you can.

We sampled the HomeMade Gin Kit, which provides juniper berries, botanicals, and the necessary flasks and funnels to make it all possible.

All you need is 36 hours and a bottle of vodka (not included).

Our verdict: Gin lovers might find this gin different from what they’re used to. Given the strong botanical flavour, mixologists might be wiser to make a cocktail out of it rather than a classic G&T. But for $US50, it still makes for a fun novelty gift.

You can read more about the HomeMade Gin Kit here.

The kit includes two flasks, directions, the ingredients, a strainer, and a funnel. We went to our local liquor store and grabbed a bottle of cheap vodka.

The juniper and botanicals are what will turn the vodka into gin.

First up, the juniper berries.

Use the funnel to get the berries inside the vodka bottle.

We had some trouble with the funnel so we just went ahead and threw them in there.

And stuffed them down.

Then give it a shake and put it in a dark place for 24 hours.

Next up, the botanicals.

Simply use the funnel to stuff the botanicals in with the juniper. Again, some of the botanicals may be too big for the funnel, so just shove them on in there.

The top of the bottle will look like this. Let all that sit together in a dark place for another 12 hours.

Once that's all done, you're ready to strain out the botanicals.

This is where you'll need a steady hand. We recommend putting the strainer inside of the funnel.

And there you have it. The coloration is a bit off, but it's gin.

Now how about some bourbon?

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