Heartbreaking Pictures Of Homeless People In New York City


Photo: Todd Shaffer via Flickr

Homelessness is everywhere you look in New York City, and the situation is only getting worse.A recent report showed that the number of homeless people in the five boroughs is at an all-time high and the overall population has risen 39 per cent since Mayor Bloomberg took office 10 years ago.

Over 17,000 children were in the shelter system this past April, according to the Coalition for the Homeless, and over 112,000 people slept in shelters in 2011.

Photographer Todd Shaffer depicts the struggles of New Yorkers on the streets in the following images.  

Over 43,000 New Yorkers had to use homeless shelters this past April, an all-time high. It's also an incredible increase from just five years ago.

Here's a different kind of art from New York...

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