Viral Video Lands Homeless Man With "Golden Radio Voice" A Job Offer With Cleveland Cavaliers*

UPDATE: The always reliable Smoking Gun has dug up Williams’ rap sheet.

A homeless man with a “golden radio voice” turned into a viral sensation yesterday and has now received a full-time job offer and a house from the Cleveland Cavaliers, according to the New York Post.

Ted Williams, the soon-to-be former panhandler, reveals in the viral video that he went to school to develop his incredible radio voice before drugs and alcohol became a part of his life. He’s clean now, however, and his hopes of radio and TV stations calling upon him for voiceover work have seem to come true.

The Ohio Credit Union League has also offered Williams $10,000 for his voice, says The Columbus Dispatch – whose videographer created the original video.

Check out Williams’s great radio voice below:

And check out his new makeover here.

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