Here Are The Lewd Allegations In A Top Official's Suit Against Homeland Security

janet napolitano tbiHomeland Security Chief Janet Napolitano

A top federal immigration official filed a lawsuit accusing the Department of Homeland Security of bias against men back in May, but the explosive allegations just started heating up in the press in recent days.James Hayes, who heads New York’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement office, claims ICE’s Washington hub, where he used to work, had a “frat-house” atmosphere that humiliated men.

Here are some of the more shocking allegations of events from 2009:

  • Suzanne Barr, who was Janet Napolitano’s chief of staff for ICE, allegedly moved the entire contents of the offices of three male workers—including their name plates, phones, and computers—into the men’s bathroom.
  • Barr is accused of screaming at a male employee that she wanted his “cock in the back of” her throat, and sending sexual messages from another employee’s Blackberry.
  • Hayes claims that Barr promoted and rewarded male employees who played along with her “sexually charged” games.
  • Janet Napolitano launched at least six different investigations against Hayes to retaliate against him for complaining about the harassment, according to the suit, which names her as a defendant in her capacity as Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security.

On Friday, CNN reported that Barr was on paid leave from her current position as chief of staff for ICE Director Steve Morton pending the outcome of the lawsuit.

An ICE spokesperson said in a statement quoted by CNN that Barr had voluntarily stepped aside for the moment, and that ICE was reviewing the allegations.

Read the complaint here.

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