The 19 Cities Where The Housing Crash Keeps Getting Worse

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Today’s headline Case-Shiller number was yet another nightmare, showing another big year-over-year decline in the value of homes across the United States in April.The data showed home prices have fallen 3.96% from last year, but fell a much smalled 0.09% month-over-month. Six cities hit brand new all time lows.

19 out of the 20 cities ranked by Case-Shiller continue to show year-over-year price declines. Only Washington D.C. is an exception.

We’ve ranked the cities, by year-over-year change, so you can see where the suffering is still the greatest in the housing market.

And the losers...Los Angeles: Down 2.04% year-over-year

New York: Down 2.77% year-over-year

Atlanta: Down 3.49% year-over-year

Dallas: Down 4.02% year-over-year

Denver: Down 4.09% year-over-year

Boston: Down 4.15% year-over-year

San Diego: Down 4.26% year-over-year

San Francisco: Down 5.48% year-over-year

Miami: Down 5.50% year-over-year

Las Vegas: Down 6.16% year-over-year

Charlotte: Down 6.56% year-over-year

Cleveland: Down 6.74% year-over-year

Seattle: Down 6.87% year-over-year

Detroit: Down 7.30% year-over-year

Tampa: Down 7.71% year-over-year

Chicago: Down 8.43% year-over-year

Phoenix: Down 8.75% year-over-year

Portland: Down 9.12% year-over-year

Minneapolis: Down 11.00% year-over-year

BONUS, IT'S NOT ALL BAD: Washington D.C.: Up 4.09% year-over-year

But where are things getting better?

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