18 home improvement projects that are as cool as they are functional

The Insider video team spotlighted the coolest home improvement projects you can bring to your life. Insider/YouTube
  • The Insider video team found a variety of home improvement projects that can transform your home into a dream space.
  • Expandable balconies, hidden passageways, and a slide entrance to your basement are just a few home improvement projects you’ll want to add to your to-do list.
  • You can work with professionals to bring the products into your home, or even take on a DIY project.
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Finished Basements New Jersey creates dream basements, with additions like hidden slides.

Finished Basements New Jersey specialises in basement remodels. Insider/YouTube

The company can make playrooms, custom bars, family rooms, and even give you an indoor hammock.

For instance, this basement features a slide entrance that starts from a faux fireplace.

You can see more of the company’s work here.

Dr. Deck makes furniture that’s part of the patio.

You can get built-in patio furniture from Dr. Deck. Insider/YouTube

If patio furniture feels cumbersome, Dr. Deck’s built-in solution might be right for you.

The company makes automated patio loungers, automated tables, and even automated barbecues.

You can learn more about Dr. Deck here.

The HopfenHöhle Beer Cooler nestles cold drinks into lawns.

HopfenHöhle makes beer coolers for your lawn. Insider/YouTube

The outdoor beer coolers use soil to keep drinks cold, so you don’t even need electricity to cool your beverages.

The company will send you the cooler, and all you have to do is drill a hole to install it.

You can learn more about HopfenHöhle here.

Nexus 21 hides appliances to give you more counter space.

Nexus 21 makes automated countertops. Insider/YouTube

The company specialises in motorised lifts and mounts, allowing you to hide appliances in plain sight.

Its storage lifts can work for kitchen appliances, but it’s also effective for televisions.

You can learn more about Nexus 21 here.

Dante Dentoni can make Legos part of your home.

Dante Dentoni specialises in Lego art. Insider/YouTube

The artist specialises in home installations using Legos, creating scenes that look otherworldly.

He offers commissioned installations, so you can experience his art in your home whenever you want.

You can learn more about Dentoni’s work here.

If you’re still wishing you lived at Hogwarts, Hidden Passageways can turn your dream into reality.

Hidden Passageways makes secret doors. Insider/YouTube

Hidden Passageways makes all kinds of secret doors – library shelves, wardrobes, mirrors, fireplaces, faux walls, and more are included in their repertoire.

They also make high-security secret doors if you’re looking for safety.

You can learn more about Hidden Passageways here.

You can play mini-golf whenever you want thanks to Putt Tek.

Putt Tek makes personal golf courses. Insider/YouTube

The company creates custom mini-golf courses for people’s backyards, customising the course to fit the clients’ needs.

Features like stone benches, bridges, and even LED lights can be incorporated into the courses.

You can learn more about Putt Tuk here.

You can buy tile panels that hide unattractive plumbing.

Dmitriy Drozdov specialises in tiles that hide plumbing. Insider/YouTube

Dmitriy Drozdov makes the special tiles.

You can learn more about his work here.

Patryn Woodworks can make you a window that turns into a balcony.

Patryn Woodworks makes retractable balconies. Insider/YouTube

The company makes a myriad of custom home furnishings, but its expanding windows might be the coolest.

The window opens and folds out into a balcony, creating instant outdoor space.

You can learn more about Patryn Woodworks here.

BCompact Design creates foldable furniture, giving users more space in their homes.

BCompact Design makes foldable furniture. Insider/YouTube

Foldable stairs, tables, and chairs are all within the company’s portfolio.

Its products are also sustainably made, as the company uses bamboo for much of its products.

You can learn more about BCompact here.

You can get custom stairs for your home.

JMP Wood makes custom staircases and banisters. Insider/YouTube

JMP Wood specialises in creating dream staircases, and its staff full of artisan wood-makers work to make each of its projects unique.

It can also incorporate glass into your staircase, according to its website.

You can learn more about JMP Wood here.

Poly Cave can turn your floor into a hidden wine cellar.

Poly Cave makes automated wine cellars. Insider/YouTube

The French company makes a myriad of wine cellars, but the Cave Bar, which rises up from the ground, is the most technologically advanced.

To make the cellar rise, you simply have to press a button.

You can learn more about Poly Cave here.

Joseph & Sons can transform normal walls into artistic mosaics.

Joseph & Sons specialises in mosaics. Insider/YouTube

The company can also make mosaic portraits, bringing scenes from “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” and even images of Lana Del Rey, to life.

You can find out more about Joseph & Sons here.

Your garage can double as an outdoor space thanks to Lifestyle Screens.

Lifestyle Screens makes screen doors. Insider/YouTube

The product essentially creates a screened-in porch out of your garage.

The spring door can be attached to existing garage doors, so it’s simple to use and install.

You can find out more about Lifestyle Screens here.

You can purchase custom artwork for your home.

Baldi Home Jewels specialises in custom home decor. Insider/YouTube

Baldi Home Jewels specialises in creating custom artwork for people’s homes.

The company makes everything from marble sinks to one-of-a-kind lamps, bringing artistry to the home sphere.

You can find out more about Baldi Home Jewels here.

Step stools can become part of your home thanks to Hideaway Solutions.

Hideaway Solutions makes built-in step stools for homes. Insider/YouTube

The STEP 180 is designed to fold in two directions, making it versatile even though its part of your wall.

You can learn more about Hideaway Solutions here.

Lighthouse Laser Arts installs inlaid wood designs in people’s homes.

Lighthouse Laser Arts specialises in custom wood floor inserts. Insider/YouTube

The artist Zsolt Paul Golenya is the mastermind behind these intricate designs, which range from mosaics to creative puzzle floors.

Golenya’s work can be fully or partially customised depending on the clients’ needs.

You can learn more about Lighthouse Laser Arts here.

CarDok makes automated two-car garages.

CarDok makes automated garages. Insider/YouTube

The “Multi” gives you a two-car garage without taking up a ton of space.

The device puts one car underground, freeing up the surrounding area.

You can learn more about CarDok here.