HOLY SMOKES THIS IS COOL: The App Replacing Instagram On My iPhone

Cinegram Office Tour Of BI

Photo: Nicholas Carlson

If you’re like most people, you’ve just started to figure out what Instagram is, the photo-sharing app that Facebook just bought for a billion dollars.Well, sorry to throw you for a loop, but there’s a new app in town, and I’m going to be using it instead of Instagram for the next little while.

It’s called Cinemagram. It’s a (now) free iPhone app. With it, you can take a photo, put a filter on it, animate it, and share it over Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook.

It’s one of those apps that stuns you with how powerful mobile computing and the Internet have become. It makes you feel like an artist. When people see the animations you make they say things like “Mind. Blown.”

NOTE: Give the animations a moment to load.

BI tech writers Alyson Shontell and Steve Kovach. Steve's disappearing head is my fault, not the app's.

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