Gorgeous Pictures Of The Holy Land From 120 Years Ago

holy land

Photo: www.loc.gov

Today’s time travelling expedition courtesy of the Library of Congress takes us to the Holy Land between 1890 and 1900.The Holy Land of that era, which includes modern Israel, Lebanon and other territories, was controlled by the Ottoman Empire. It is a pastoral land that looks like it had changed little since the Biblical era.

These images are photolithographs, which are made from adding colour to black-and-white photographic negatives.

An itinerant shoemaker outside Jerusalem

The landscape is littered with ruins. Here is the Temple of the Sun in Baalbek

A relaxing afternoon in the fields by Cana of Galilee

The Ruins of Capernaium, a fishing village that was home to several apostles

The Jaffa Gate, Jerusalem

The Damascus Gate, Jerusalem

Stone cutters in Jerusalem

A bustling market by the Tower of David in Jerusalem

Shephards hang out in Nebi-Samuel, aka the Plain of Mizpah

Camels riders halt in the desert

The Tomb of Lazarus in Bethany

Beirut was a large city even at the turn of the century

Shepherds in Hadjar en Nasaroh

The River Jordan

Laborers on the Plain of Esdraelon

Syrian peasant making bread

Bedouins and their tents

Bedouins drawing water

Ruins of an ancient colonnade in Samaria

The virgin's fountain in Nazareth

The birthplace of Mary Magdalene in Magdala

Relaxing outside Lydda

A fisherman's boat on the Sea of Galillee by Tiberias

From the Holy Land to the Motherland

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