Hollywood Remembers Comedy Legend Harold Ramis

Veteran actor, director, producer, and screenwriter Harold Ramis died Monday in Chicago at age 69 following a battle with a rare autoimmune disease.

Ramis will forever be remembered for his work on films such as “Ghostbusters,” “Caddyshack,” “Groundhog Day,” and “Animal House.”

Hollywood has been grieving via Twitter since this morning’s news of the comedy legend’s death:

Ramis recently worked on “The Office,” and many cast members have been expressing their condolences:

“The Office” actor B.J. Novak appeared on ABC 7 Chicago’s “Windy City Live” today and recalled working with Ramis.

“He was a very beloved member of the extended family of ‘The Office,’ says Novak. “He was funny and warm and slightly lazy….but he was the first to tell you that! He’s like ‘I’m a little lazy, I’m going to sit in this chair and let you guys do your thing!'”

Novak continued, “He gave the most insightful suggestions. He really knew human nature very well and that’s what made him so funny. I think ‘The Office’ was very much in the shadow of a style that he helped pioneer in which comedy really comes from honesty and honest emotional portrayals of real people being their best and their worst.”

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