Hollywood Reacts To The Oscar Nominations

Oscars nominations announcement chris hemsworthABC screencapAcademy president Cheryl Isaac Boones and ‘Thor’ actor Chris Hemsworth announced the nominations this morning.

Cue the countdown to the 86th Academy Awards on Sunday, March 2.

The nominations arrived this morning, with “American Hustle” and “Gravity” leading the bunch with 10 nods a piece.

Since the telecast, nominees have been speaking out about the exciting news.

Read the nominees’ statements below (via The Hollywood Reporter):

Steve McQueen, best director nominee for “12 Years a Slave“:

“I’m extraordinarily happy for all the cast and crew of our 12 Years a Slave family. This has been an amazing ride, and to receive nine nominations from the Academy is testament to all of the hard work. And for that I am truly grateful.”

David O. Russell, best director nominee for “American Hustle“:

“I’m fighting a little cold here but this will certainly go a long way to boost my immune system,” he said. “To have these actors really put their hearts in it all together, to have them each get a nod is a big deal for us because we created a family together.”

Leonardo DiCaprio, best actor nominee for “The Wolf of Wall Street“:

“I am deeply humbled by this honour and even happier to share today with Marty, Jonah, Terry as well as this entire cast and crew. The Wolf of Wall Street has been a passion project of mine, and I found the role to be one of the most challenging and rewarding of my career. Congratulations to all of my fellow nominees and thank you to the Academy for this extraordinary recognition.”

Amy Adams, best actress nominee for “American Hustle“:

“It’s a very good thing to wake up to; we were all asleep! Am I still recovering from last weekend? Not really. I’m never really out late anymore at this stage in my life. Making Hustle was very challenging, so it’s really nice that people not only recognised the film but all the actors as well. And I’m so proud to have been in Her too, which has been recognised with a best picture nomination. As for celebrating today, maybe we should go out for a family hike? Then again, everyone looks pretty tired around here right now!”

Jonah Hill, best supporting actor nominee for “The Wolf of Wall Street“:

“I am in complete and total shock. I honestly was not expecting this, on a level you can’t even imagine. Again, I’m clearly in shock. I didn’t have a plan for celebrating today because I truly did not expect any of this! But I am going to the Critics’ Choice Awards and will be great to see everyone from the film there tonight. Truly, this is shocking.”

Judi Dench, best actress nominee for “Philomena“:

“This is just the loveliest news. I’m so happy for everybody involved, and so proud to have been part of the wonderful experience that Philomena has been.”

Bob Nelson, best originally screenplay nominee for “Nebraska“:

“My wife was going to wake me up, but my manager beat her by about five seconds,” Nelson said. “With so many original screenplays this year, I’m really lucky to get in, and I owe a lot to everyone who worked on the film. Alexander Payne took it to another level from the film we thought we would make 10 years ago.”

Alfonso Cuaron, best director nominee for “Gravity“:

“Thank you Academy for this incredible recognition. These nominations are not just about single achievements, but rather the collective effort of hundreds of dedicated artists who made this dream a reality. On behalf of everyone involved with Gravity I want to express our deepest gratitude to the industry, the exhibitors and the public for embracing this film so passionately…”

Morgan Neville, director of best documentary feature nominee “20 Feet From Stardom“:

“This makes me want to sing out loud! I’m beyond humbled by this honour. All of the praying our ladies have done for the film’s success has clearly paid off! After 20 years in this business, to have our movie and these extraordinary women recognised by such an esteemed group, means more to me than I can ever say. My only regret is that our producer, the late Gil Friesen, isn’t here to be a part of it – I know he’s smiling down on us and would have been over the moon with the news.”

Check out the full list of nominee reactions here >

And here’s what they’re saying in the Twittersphere:

Jeremy Scahill’s “Dirty Wars” was nominated for best documentary. He exclaimed, “HOLY S—!!!!!” in a tweet this morning.

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