Hollywood Doesn't Care If Tom Cruise Makes Scientology Slaves Wash His Car


With allegations of violence, homophobia and swindling, the Scientology takedown piece in this week’s The New Yorker made a lot of people look bad (it generated 971 fact-checking queries).

Not surprisingly, the church’s biggest public face — Tom Cruise — was one of them.

The story includes an account of Scientology members being forced to toil away painting Cruise’s motorcycles and renovating his home for $50 a week.

According to the piece, when one worker messed up a Cruise project, they were sent to a camp to do hard labour as punishment.

But it seems that either Cruise’s people have burned every L.A.-area copy of the magazine, or that Hollywood simply doesn’t care.

On the heels of the story’s release, Cruise is in final negotiations to play a lead role in the big-screen adaptation of Broadway hit “Rock of Ages.”

The role would have him singing Bon Jovi hits and likely taking in around $25 million (his average recent salary). Here’s hoping, on behalf of the Church of Scientology, the guy is into tithing.

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