Is Holly Robinson Peete Getting Screwed By CBS And “The Talk”?

holly robinson peete

All right — chapter two of this mess about CBS’s “The Talk.”

Earlier, rumours of co-host Julie Chen terrorizing her colleagues with threats surfaced — and a CBS source promptly refuted the claims to us.

Another claim circulating: that Holly Robinson Peete was being jerked around about whether or not she’ll be back for season two.

We’re not selling out the network here — our CBS source was pretty clear with us about the fact that Peete has not been asked back to the show — but another source close to the actress got in touch to add an important clarification.

“Holly is under contract and her option has not been exercised,” the source said. “She is in limbo.”

If that sounds as convoluted to you as it did to us at first, here’s the explanation.

According to this source, Peete is under a deal in which her contracted period exceeds the point in time at which CBS had to decide whether or not to exercise her option.

In other words — even after CBS says “no thanks, we’re not going to pick up your option to come back for season two,” the network has a period of a few months to change their minds.

This sounds like the wonkiest contract ever to us, but we’re doing our due diligence here.

And here’s what’s actually at stake: according to the source, Peete truly can’t take another job until this is sorted out — even though it seems pretty clear she’s not coming back to “The Talk.”

“Very few people would entertain putting an offer in to her,” says the source, “as she’s still under contract.”