How A Suburban Mum Became A Conservative Twitter Rockstar

Holly Fisher@HollyRFisherHolly R. Fisher

Holly Fisher’s route to conservative internet stardom began in the parking lot of a mall in Barboursville, West Virginia.

Fisher, a mother of three, told Business Insider she was driving through the local Chick fil A with her husband when he noticed the “totally right winger” combination of the ‘Pro-Life’ shirt she was wearing and the Chick fil A cup in her hand.

The couple added the Hobby Lobby store across the parking lot as the backdrop, and the conservative trifecta was complete. They took a picture for Fisher to post to her Twitter followers and sent it out July 1, one day after the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court ruling, which determined privately held corporations cannot be mandated to provide contraception for their employees.

The tweet went viral. Fisher, who works as a political consultant on local campaigns, had been tweeting and blogging about her views for years, and already had over 20,000 followers, but the Hobby Lobby tweet caused her online persona to explode in popularity. Fisher more than doubled her online audience after the post and, as of this writing, she has over 46,500 followers.

On July 4th, Fisher tweeted again. This post, Fisher claims, finished the job of the first. The caption says it all: