Hollande Sticks Up For Greece!

Francois Hollande

Photo: AP

Greece is having a tough time, and it seems like some people, such as IMF chief (and former French finance minister) Christine Lagarde can’t resist sticking the knife in.Recently, Lagarde gave an interview where she said it was “payback time” for tax-hating Greece — and while she swiftly tried to step back from the comments (others noted that he herself didn’t pay tax), the damage appears to be done.

Not every French person hates Greece though. Tax-loving French president Francois Hollande has stood up for the country in an televised interview, AFP reports:

“It’s true that there are very rich Greeks who evade taxes and that must not be accepted,” Hollande said. “But I don’t think that this is the best way to address the Greeks — ‘you know, you have to look at your situation compared to Africans whose lives are harder than yours’.” 

“That is called respect,” Hollande said.

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