5 Smart Tips For Throwing A Family Holiday Party

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Photo: Bayskes via Flickr

A lot of preparation goes into throwing a holiday party in your home, especially when your family is invited. Here are five of the smartest party planning tips we’ve come across this holiday season.

  • Mix and match your plates and silverware: Mixing and matching is in, according to The LA Times, so embrace it! If you don’t have a full set of matching plates and glasses, don’t stress. Just alternate settings by seat so the table seems balanced. 
  • Make a signature holiday cocktail: Most people actually don’t like having endless drink options at a party, according to Marie Claire. Guests will gladly try something new, especially when it’s right in front of them. So skip the full bar, and stock up on wine, beer, and one premade cocktail. 
  • When someone offers to bring something, say yes: Your family probably has a few signature favourites during the holidays. If Aunt Joan’s homemade pumpkin pie is the best, let her bake it and bring it when she offers. It’s a time-tested favourite, and cuts down on your prep time.
  • Obey the one-bite rule: House Beautiful suggests keeping appetizers to the size of a single bite. That way guests will be able to keep their hands free and sample everything you serve. Don’t forget to serve water: The last thing anyone wants is a drunken family holiday fight. Serving water to keep guests from getting too tipsy, suggests Apartment Therapy.

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