25 Holiday Party Host Gifts For $25 Or Under

No guest wants to show up to dinner empty-handed, especially around the holidays.

But finding the perfect house gift can be tricky, even if you’ve known the host for years.

We’ve rounded up 25 unique gifts for $US25 or less that are sure to bring a smile to your host or hostess’ face.

Liz O’Connor contributed to this article.

For the beer lover: a proper set of glasses.

This set of six beer glasses comes with one shape for each type of brew: Classic pilsner, English pub, Belgian ale, craft pub glass, porter/stout, wheat beer.

Buy it: $US21.90

For the grill master: a pair of bear claws.

Does your host like to work the grill all season long? These meat handlers will ensure he doesn't drop dinner. They're also great for making pulled pork and other shredded dishes.

Buy it: $US13.95

For the gardener: a bonsai tree.

This little bonsai can survive indoors or outdoors and needs very little attention. And it won't take up much space: full grown, it stands around nine inches tall.

Buy it: $US25.97

For the entertainer: some funny wine glass charms.

Wine glass charms help guests hold onto their drinks throughout the night. This silicone set, which attaches with magnets, comes with 6 sets of mustaches and ties.

Buy it: $US15

For the coffee lover: a heated mug.

Anyone who has to commute to work by car and likes a cup of joe in the morning will appreciate these heated travel mugs (two to an order), which plug directly into a car's socket.

Buy it: $US13.39

For the friend with a new apartment: a starter tool kit.

This multifunctional mini tool kit is easily stowed and bound to come in handy. It includes a driver with driver bits, long nose pliers, precision screwdrivers, and a tape measure.

Buy it: $US15.69

For the art lover: a coffee table book.

We're always fans of coffee table books as gifts. Brandon Stanton's 'Humans of New York,' a compilation of photos and interviewers with people on the streets of New York, is hard to resist.

Buy it: $US17.99

For the new parent: a silly pacifier.

Is your holiday host doing double duty as a new parent? The Mustachifier Pacifier will make baby look like a college professor, and is sure to get a few laughs.

Buy it: $US10

For the kid at heart: a popcorn popper.

This functional mini-popcorn maker makes fresh batches of popcorn on top of the table, and uses hot air instead of oil.

Buy it: $US19.99

For the gourmet: a Himalayan salt block.

Any kitchen guru knows that grilling on a Himalayan salt block can add flavour to meats or fish. It can also be used to display cold foods like sushi.

Buy it: $US24.99

For the photographer: a phone-compatible camera kit.

This six-in-one kit comes with everything your host needs to turn her phone into a full-fledged camera. It comes with a tripod, Bluetooth-remote, three lenses, and the ever-important 'selfie stick.' Compatible with various iPhone and Samsung models.

Buy it: $US25.97

For the breakfast lover: a waffle maker.

This waffle-stick maker makes bite-sized alternatives to waffles, and can cook up five treats at a time.

Buy it: 24.99

For the oenophile: an aerator.

This Rabbit aerator improves the flavour of wine as its poured, and is easy to clean and store.

Buy it: $US19.95

For the newlyweds: something monogrammed.

C. Wonder makes tons of adorable monogrammed items. Pick up a pair of these sweet mugs with the initial of the last name of your hosts.

Buy it: $US12 each

For the aspiring bartender: high-end bitters.

Shrub & Co.'s Grapefruit Shrub adds an awesome grapefruit kick to any beverage, from seltzer to tequila.

Buy it: $US24

For the host with a sweet tooth: peppermint bark.

Sure, everyone makes fun of the Williams-Sonoma holiday catalogue, but their peppermint bark looks crazy good. What host could resist?

Buy it: $US23.16

For the world traveller: a compact emergency kit.

Pinch Provisions' Dopp kits for men and women contain everything for a person on the go, including a comb, floss, deodorant, nail clipper, and more.

Buy it: $US13 for her or $US25 for him.

For the party animal: a shot-glass ice tray.

Make your own shot glasses out of ice with this four-glass mould. Good for liquor, juice, or anything in between.

Buy it: $US10.08

For the dog owner: a light-up collar.

Please your host with a present for his pooch. This LED light-up collar will make any dog easy to find even in the pitch black.

Buy it: $US15.49

For the health nut: a juicer.

Juicers can run into the hundreds of dollars, but this simple product from Black & Decker is great for any kind of citrus.

Buy it: $US19.99

For the musician: musical coasters.

These coasters are made from actual vinyl records, and come in a set of six.

Buy it: $US18

For the tea drinker: a gourmet sampler

This sampler from Steven Smith Teamaker comes with two flavours; No. 67, which Food52 describes as a 'Renoir you drink,' and No. 39, a green tea blended with spearmint. Each box comes with 15 sachets.

Buy it: $US24

For the gamer: Bananagrams.

Bananagrams is like Scrabble minus the board -- it's portable, fun, and ideal for family get-togethers.

Buy it: $US11.19

For the non-cook: a Seamless gift card.

Your host went out of the way to put together a special evening, so thank him or her with a gift certificate from Seamless, good for a meal at home at a later date.

Buy it: order here

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