9 great holiday gift ideas that any cyclist would love, from $13 to $10,000

GarminThe iPhone X of bike computers, the Garmin Edge 1030.

Cyclists tend to be a tech-savvy bunch, but they also appreciate the simple things. So if there’s a cyclist on your gift list this holiday season, you’ll find no shortage of attractive options for all budgets.

Whether you’re looking for some new fenders or a spiffy bike worthy of the Tour de France, we’ve rounded up a handful of popular items sure to delight any cyclist in your world.

Read on and ride on.

Spurcycle Bell

Probably the world’s finest bike bell. Small, elegant, and beautifully engineered, the Spurcycle Bell has a powerful, pleasing ring. We’ve had one on our commuting and road bikes for years, and it’s perfect for giving others on the road or path a heads-up. $US49; Spurcycle

Specialised S-Works Prevail II

Sleek and light, the Prevail II is one of the hottest helmets on the market. It’s worn by some of the sport’s best cyclists, including the three-time world champ Peter Sagan. $US225;Specialised

SKS Raceblades

We’ve had Raceblades on our commuting and road bikes for years, and they remain our go-to clip-on fenders. They’re easy to install and fit tires 25 to 32 mm wide. $US60; Amazon

Zipp 303 Firecrests

Light, strong, and fast, the Zipp 303s are a lot of racers’ go-to high-end carbon wheelset. (We’ve been racing the tubular version in cyclocross races, and they have performed flawlessly.) If we had to own just one set of wheels, it’d be the clincher 303s.$US2,200; Zipp

Wahoo Kickr

Nothing beats pedalling outdoors, but this state-of-the-art indoor trainer helps you get in a legit workout when the weather’s bad or you just can’t get out. $US1,200; Wahoo

Cannondale SuperX

We’ve been test-riding the SuperX in cyclocross races this fall, and its lightweight, stiff frame is surprisingly comfortable over rough terrain. Unsurprisingly, wherever we ride it people feel compelled to comment on its rugged good looks. $US5,000;Cannondale

“Cycling Science”

“The ultimate nexus of knowledge and performance” offers a deep dive into a variety of subjects, including fit, training, nutrition, motivation, and data management. $US13; Amazon

Garmin Edge 1030

The iPhone X of bike computers, the Edge 1030 is the latest state-of-the-art offering from Garmin. It’s packed with features, including smart GPS, popular routes, preloaded turn-by-turn directions, Strava Live Segments, and performance data galore. It’s got a big colour touchscreen – 3.5 inches – with a claimed battery life of up to 20 hours. $US600; Garmin

Specialised S-Works Tarmac Ultralight

When the all-new Tarmac debuted at the Tour de France, we oohed and aahed at its gorgeous looks. Now that we’ve been riding it for a few months, we’re as impressed with how light, responsive, and fast it is. One of the best bikes money can buy. $US10,000;Specialised

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