These Pinterest-Inspired Holiday Crafts Failed Hilariously

CraftFailFrom CRAFTFAIL, Workman PublishingGingerbread House of Horrors

Heather Mann embraces failure. 

In fact, she’s made a business out of it. 

Mann just released the book, “CRAFTFAIL: When Homemade Goes Horribly Wrong,” based on her blog of the same name, where she documents DIY-projects that weren’t as easy as they looked online.

She gave us permission to repost some examples here. 

'Online there's so much that's not real,' Mann says, 'Especially Pinterest, which is just all these gorgeous pictures.'

'Real life rarely looks like that.'

These melted-marshmallow frosted cupcakes may have looked beautiful on your Pin-board...

But execution is a different matter entirely.

With CRAFTFAIL, Mann wants to highlight the 'hilariously gruesome underbelly of the creative process.'

Here's a real person's attempt at a paper-mache animal bust that just didn't work out.

Mann doesn't want to craft-shame anyone.

In fact, she hopes seeing failed attempts emboldens people to try new things.

Take on crafts they might have otherwise thought were too ambitious...

Because even if they fail, they're likely to get a laugh.

One crafter submitted this photo with the title 'Red Reindeer Massacre.'

Now, get a blast from the past...

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