HOLDEN: Sorry Jay Weatherill, But We're Not For Sale

Getty/Morne de Klerk

Holden has said it is not for sale after the South Australia Premier Jay Weatherill suggested another automaker could purchase its Australian operations as a way to prevent job losses.

Holden will cease production in Australia from 2017, as it is too expensive to manufacture cars here. According to an ABC News report, Weatherill made the suggestion while meeting with welfare groups. Holden has since told the ABC it is not for sale.

From the report, here is the Premier’s suggestion:

“It may be that a particular car manufacturer might want to set up here but use the equity that’s in the Holden brand to continue making cars.

“That’s obviously something that’s the property of General Motors at the moment and presumably they have an interest in keeping it because it has value for them but that is something that we would want to advance in any discussions with Holden.

“Before we start saying ‘well, car manufacturing’s over’ we want to completely exhaust all of the possibilities.

“These are not fanciful propositions. These are propositions that have already had preliminary discussions.”

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