Anthony Scaramucci: criticising Me Is Like criticising Steve Jobs In His Early Days

Felix Salmon and Anthony Scaramucci‘The Mooch’ with his number 1 hater, Felix Salmon

Photo: Reuters Screenshot

No one would ever accuse SkyBridge Capital’s Anthony ‘Mooch’ Scaramucci of being short on confidence. He’s known up and down Wall Street for having the chops to heckle President Obama, his desire to make hedge fund investing accessable to the every man, and frankly, his swagger.So when New York Mag’s Jessica Pressler recently asked him about his haters (namely, Reuters columnist Felix Salmon, who said he was “sleazy”), Scaramucci just did what anyone with swagger would do — he brushed it off, and compared himself to some people that are actually in his league.

From New York:

He’s still steamed up about the whole Felix Salmon thing. “He was trying to say I’m a snake-oil salesman, that I’m sleazy,” he (Scaramucci) says. “That sucks. I don’t view myself that way. We’re creating an experience.” He takes a slurp of his iced coffee. “There were scathing articles about Steve Jobs throughout his career,” he remembers. “A lot of people didn’t like Amelia Earhart flying an aeroplane or Hillary Clinton running for president. I’m going to have a SALT conference and television show and a book and a movie, and a this and a that, and people are going to be like, ‘Hey I want to be an investor in SkyBridge, they’re going to put me in the know.’ ”

How you like him now, haters?

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