What Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and 9 other incredibly rich people do in their spare time

Work-life balance is good for the soul.

Even the wealthiest, most successful people need time to unwind and escape from their day-to-day responsibilities.

Taylor Swift bakes. Bill Gates plays tennis. Below, read more about what they, and nine other hugely successful people, do when they’re not working:

Investor Warren Buffett plays the ukulele and online bridge to keep his mind sharp.

Paul Morigi/Getty
Warren Buffett delights a crowd on the ukulele.

Estimated net worth: $61.8 billion

Legendary investor Warren Buffett is a man of many talents. Not only has he been playing the ukulele for decades, but he also plays online bridge on a weekly basis -- sometimes with Bill Gates.

Source: Forbes and CNN Money

Oracle's Larry Ellison has been a sailor since his 20s.

Ezra Shaw/Getty
Larry Ellison's Oracle Team USA won the 2010 and 2013 America's Cup.

Estimated net worth: $46.1 billion

Ellison started as a novice sailor at the age 0f 22, when he first enrolled in a sailing course taught at the University of California.

Today, he's a member of the yacht racing team Oracle Team USA, which won the 2010 and 2013 America's Cup -- a prestigious yacht race founded in 1851.

Source: Business Insider

Billionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson's favorite sport is kiteboarding.

Getty/ Carl De Souza

Estimated net worth: $4.9 billion

The Virgin founder has explored space, the deep sea, and flown in a hot-air balloon across the Atlantic Ocean. Branson loves doing anything active that will keep him fit and productive, so it's no surprise that his favorite sport is kiteboarding.

Source: Business Insider

Facebook cofounder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg studies Chinese.

Oscar Siagian/Getty Images

Estimated net worth: $46.2 billion

Mark Zuckerberg delighted a crowd at Tsinghua University in Beijing last year when he gave a 30-minute Q&A entirely in Mandarin.

He was inspired to teach himself Mandarin — a notoriously difficult language to pick up in adulthood — by his wife, Priscilla Chan, whose family speaks Chinese.

Source: Business Insider

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates heads to the tennis courts in his spare time.

Getty Images
Bill Gates high-fives Jeff Bezos during a 2001 charity match.

Estimated net worth: $78.9 billion

Gates likes to stay active by hitting the tennis courts in his down time. He's also a fan of the pro circuit and frequents professional tennis tournaments.

Source: Time

Life coach and author Tony Robbins is a 'freak for the ocean.'

Courtesy of Tony Robbins
Robbins' house in Palm Beach overlooks the ocean.

Estimated net worth: $440 million

'I'm a freak for the ocean,' Robbins told Fortune. 'It energizes me.' His house in Palm Beach, Florida has a 165,000-gallon infinity pool and a master bedroom that overlooks the ocean.

He also owns the Namale Resort and Spa in Fiji, a five-star resort which offers luxury villas, spa cuisine, massages and hydrotherapy, and scuba diving trips to nearby coral reefs.

Source: WealthX via Business Insider and Namale Resort and Spa

Former mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg, is an avid skier.

Getty Images / Mike Stobe
Bloomberg hits the slopes in his spare time.

Estimated net worth: $39.9 billion

Bloomberg isn't one to take time off -- 'I haven't had a vacation in twelve years,' he told the New Yorker in 2013 -- but his ideal trip would involve skiing and golf, he said.

Bloomberg owns a top floor unit in the Mountain Haus ski resort in Vail, Colorado and is a member of the exclusive Game Creek Club, a restaurant located mid-way down a ski slope.

Source: New York Magazine and The New Yorker

Shark Tank investor Mark Cuban can be found on the sidelines with the Dallas Mavericks.

The Mavericks won their first NBA championship in 2011.

Estimated net worth: $3 billion

In 2000, Cuban bought a majority stake -- $285 million -- in the Dallas Mavericks basketball team. The team hadn't had a winning season in 10 years, but Cuban managed to turn the franchise around by applying the strategies he uses in his business career.

The Mavs have a lot more to celebrate today than they did in 2000, most notably their first NBA Championship in 2011.

Source: Business Insider

PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel plays virtual chess.

Getty / Chip Somodevilla
Thiel was a former national chess master.

Estimated net worth: $2.8 billion

Technology investor and bestselling author Peter Thiel admits to playing quite a bit of virtual chess in his spare time: 'I probably still play too much chess on the internet,' he told Tech Republic.

'It is some strange combination of art and science and sport, and it's somewhat addictive. It has some very good things and some unhealthy addictive things about it too.'

Source: Tech Republic

Pop star Taylor Swift can be found in the kitchen.

Swift has an affinity for cookies.

Estimated net worth: $80 million

The 25-year-old who has taken over the music industry doesn't have much down time, but when she does, she likes to spend it in the kitchen making baked goods. She documents her baking endeavours by posting mouth watering pictures on Instagram for her more than 53 million followers to see.

Source: InStyle

Twitter's CEO Jack Dorsey can be found above the clouds.

Dorsey loves to fly.

Estimated net worth: $1.4 billion

Dorsey frequently travels all over the world and shares his photos with his three million-plus Twitter followers. He also enjoys piloting his own planes in his free time.

Source: Business Insider

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