Check Out All Of The Weird Things You'll Find On The Floor Of The NYSE


The floor of the NYSE is an iconic place that we were lucky enough to visit Tuesday night to celebrate the SA100, Silicon Alley’s list of the coolest 100 people in tech right now.

The party was right on the trading floor where, during the day, traders from Wall Street firms work from market open to market close.

Of course, we checked out the trading booths as we drank nearby. They’re mostly messy and covered with the usual stuff–family photos, leftovers, etc.

But we also saw some stuff we can’t explain. Hopefully, someone can help us.

If you can identify anyone who owns the weird items in the following photos, or know the story behind it, send an email to [email protected]

Doesn't the NYSE look like a fun place to work?

Tuesday night, Business Insider celebrated the SA100 launch on the floor of the NYSE.

And we found some stuff that needs an explanation from whoever's responsible for it. Like the outdated bathrooms.

The women's room is called Female Clerks' Restroom. Neither have been updated since back when only men traded and women were clerks.

Here's where the clerks work. The stuff some of them are keeping back there will assure you there are some male clerks.

Ties were everywhere. But only this guy had an entire bag full of them.

Someone has got to answer for the floating Glenn Close head.

The same guy who stocks Diet Crush, mouthwash in the nastiest flavour, and cheap mustard?

Does the magical wrist ball actually work?

If the wrist ball works, you should talk to the guy who posted this. That ad looks like its selling a rip-off.

Of course we found the usual cubby accessories, too, like someone's (neglected) teddy bear.

And weird dolls. This one is hanging next to a baggage tag. Why?

The best toy we found was this vintage wind-up.

Who's the wishful thinker?

Alright, who's responsible for the critical failure...

To whoever made this screen saver (which had about 20 more exclamation points): We'll try!

Who doesn't know all of the US Presidents?

At JPMorgan's cubby? No excuses.

And that's all we got! We went back to the party.

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