H&M is selling a $50 skirt with a hood that's confusing customers

H&MPeople on Twitter have mixed reactions to the skirt.
  • H&M is selling a skirt with a hood on its website.
  • The skirt, which is part of the H&M x Moschino collaboration, retails for $US49.99.
  • Some people on Twitter have called the skirt confusing and impractical.
  • A representative for H&M told INSIDER that the design has been “well received globally.”
  • The garment isn’t the only outerwear-inspired item in the collection, as H&M is also selling skirts inspired by denim jackets and puffer coats.

If you’ve ever been torn between wearing your favourite hoodie or a skirt, H&M might have an option for you that lets you do both.

The fast-fashion retailer is currently selling a $US49.99 “Skirt with Hood.” Styled like a body-con skirt, the grey garment has two front pockets, a zipper from top to bottom, and a hood.

Skirt with a hoodH&MMoschino is known for its unconventional designs.

The skirt is part of the Moschino x H&M collaboration

In November, H&M collaborated with Italian luxury fashion house Moschino to release a collection of mid-range priced apparel.

While much of the Moschino x H&M collection sold out immediately, a decent amount of the line, which includes the Skirt with Hood, is still available to purchase. It appears to be selling out quickly, though, with a few pieces left in sizes 0 and 6, according to H&M’s website.

Hood skirtH&MUpon first glance, the skirt appears to be a folded sweatshirt.

People on Twitter seem to have mixed reactions to the design

While most said that the skirt was confusing to look at, others expressed frustration that skirts and jeans are often designed without pockets.

Some people think it’s a fun idea, though.

A representative for H&M told INSIDER that the design has been ‘well received’

“There were many pieces within the collaboration that were a play on proportions,” the H&M representative said in a statement provided to INSIDER.

“The collection also included a pair of oversized dungarees and a denim skirt like a deconstructed jean jacket. The collection was very well received globally and we are very happy with the collaboration.”

H&M sells a variety of other jacket-inspired skirts

Also part of the Moschino x H&M collection is the “Denim Skirt with Buttons.” Resembling a denim jacket, this skirt retails for $US79.99 and includes a jacket collar instead of a waistline.

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Denim jacket skirtH&MThe skirt resembles a denim jacket.

The brand is also selling a $US99 “Padded Skirt,” which has a similar style to that of puffer coats.

Puffer coat skirtH&MMany brands have started creating clothes inspired by puffer coats.

You can see the full Moschino x H&M collaboration on the retailer’s website.

Representatives for Moschino did not immediately reply to INSIDER’s requests for comment.


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