Katy Perry stars in a bizarre, slightly terrifying holiday ad for H&M

H&M unveiled its holiday ad campaign on Sunday.

It stars Katy Perry and it’s bizarre. The stuff of nightmares, in places.

The “#HappyandMerry” campaign (a play on the H&M acronym) sees the Roar singer play the role of a “festive fairy.”

There are lots of wide-eyed moments.

Creepy gingerbread men.

These strange fluffy imp things.

Twerking teddies and a terrifying child who COMES OUT OF NOWHERE!

This surprised-march-drop-to-snow-angel piece of choreography.

There’s a lot going on.

The reaction to the ad on social media so far has been one of bafflement, although there appears to be some love for the festive song that features in the spot.



And at least one Katy Perry fan loves it:

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