H&M Supposedly Axed The World's Hottest Model After White Powder Incident

Cara Delevingne BurberryBurberry / FacebookCara Delevingne

Even the world’s hottest model isn’t immune to H&M’s strict policy against narcotics.
A few months ago, Cara Delevingne dropped what appeared to be a bag of white powder in front of paparazzi. The press buzzed about an alleged cocaine scandal for the British model, who has represented Burberry, Victoria’s Secret, Chanel, Zara, and more.

Delevingne deflected the scandal by posting an Instagram photo of herself kissing actress Sienna Miller at the Met Ball. Soon, no one was talking about her alleged drug use.

But the dropped powder incident is now catching up to the pretty model.

H&M recently axed her, supposedly because of its strict, no-drug policy, UK tabloid The Sun reported.

Even Delevingne’s status as the hottest model in fashion couldn’t deter H&M, according to The Sun.

An H&M spokesperson gave a frosty statement to The Sun about Delevingne.

“She is not a model with us and I think there was a misunderstanding that she was the face of H&M,” the rep said. “We just used her for the show.”

Within the industry, H&M is “famous for their zero tolerance policy towards drugs,” writes Hayley Phelan at Fashionista.

Phelan notes that the brand also dropped Kate Moss at the peak of her career, after she had been photographed allegedly snorting cocaine.

While H&M is a huge contract to lose, Delevingne is unlikely to suffer from the snafu.

“With campaigns out for Fendi, Burberry, DKNY and more, Delevingne’s career is arguably hotter than ever,” Phelan writes.

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