Hitting It Off With Your Sales Manager From Day 1

You just got the job, now how do you close the deal by being as successful as possible?

To do this, you must first beware of the few things prior to your first day at work:

We all wish the divorce would be finalised after the separation, but complacency doesn’t leave you when you move jobs. Complacency will rear its ugly head anywhere, anytime and to anyone. When it comes to working harder in your new job, stop adhering to the “I will do it when I feel motivated” theory. This means that you are beginning to comprehend that you only will feel motivated after you start to do the work. That mentality is the same as when a smoker promises that the only reason they are smoking is because they are not ready and the moment they are ready to quit, they will know it and it will come to them.

Understanding this new boss and your new environment:
Sales is quite intangible by nature, but can be quantified more than just about any other job that doesn’t deal solely in numbers or molecules. Therefore hitting quota is the number one way to get noticed and to receive the proper accolades for your work.

However, unless you are in a very small company and the sales manager needs you more than you need him or her (probably not the situation your first day of work), you are going to have to get along with this individual regardless of how much you sell. In the corporate world, a pain in the arse is no longer a problem when fired.

A few possibly obvious, but free tips to further your success from day one:
In order to start off on the right foot, be quite careful who you hang out with. If you feel someone is a slacker, avoid the individual as if they were the little carrier monkey in the movie Outbreak. Even though this is common sense, we all have made the mistake of letting personal feelings outweigh professional sense sometime in our lives.

Another good exercise that will help you get in the same work rhythm and train of thought as your new boss is to begin writing down what you perceive to be the concerns of this person, as well as their position and clout in the company, both professionally and personally. Remember, this exercise has nothing to do with you, but how to best handle your.

If your sales manager seems disgruntled at their job, wait for them to leave (give it a little time) for you to shine in their wake. Conversely, if right from day one you get the sense that you’re working under an enthusiastic but simply overworked and overstressed boss, pitch in, be available, and always be open to learning new ways of doing things. This simple mindset alone can be the difference between success in your career and a lackluster, middling job.

As exciting as your first day of work may be, some people just don’t care. Before you go making a difference in the company, call to mind that dreaded term “bureaucracy” and obtain recognition from both your sales manager and your sales manager’s manager by going both the political and hard-working route. In the corporate world, unless you are the Michael Jordan of cold-calling, a sales manager will not promote you unless they really like you — which means getting off on the right foot on the very first day after recruitment.