The Song "Heaven Is A Place On Earth" Was Played Over 3 Million Times On Pandora And Its Co-Writer Was Paid Less Than $40

record heaven is a place on earth

Editor’s note: Ellen Shipley co-wrote the Belinda Carlisle hit “Heaven Is A Place On Earth.” The song topped the charts in both the US and UK in 1987. Shipley’s comments, reproduced below, originally appeared on, and we are republishing it here with site editor Paul Resnikoff’s permission.

It is interesting and very disturbing that no one is addressing the SONGWRITER’s situation in this Pandora debacle.

Pandora wishes to REDUCE the amount of royalties that songwriters have already seen CUT in 2005.

Let me give you an example of what Pandora is paying in royalties to SONGWRITERS–not the performers, but the people who write the songs–the foundation of the music world—

PANDORA —-“Heaven Is A Place On Earth”  (co-written)

accounting period for 3 months—–3,112,300 streams

My Pandora royalty ……………..$39.61

AND they want us to take an 80 FIVE per cent CUT!!! 

Does that give you an understanding of the meager, insulting, outrageous amount of money songwriters are being paid from PANDORA and SPOTIFY and YOUTUBE and GOOGLE  (I received 15 cents from GOOGLE the other day)?

PANDORA talks a great deal about their need to make a profit and to survive…. but they could care less about the fate of those creators who already are hurting so badly, they are dropping out of music.


According to the FEDERAL CENSUS, we have lost 45% of our professional songwriters in the last 10 years or even less (since the advent of streaming and piracy on the Internet depriving us of earning our LEGAL royalties)

So–here is the question:

WHY is it alright for PANDORA to want to exist and grow and earn profits while it is NOT alright for the SONGWRITERS to SURVIVE, be respected, earn a fair royalty?

PANDORA’s model is failing– because as Steve Jobs recognised much earlier on when he rejected the idea of Streaming Digital radio–they don’t have a business plan that gives them a way (such as ad revenue) to earn a profit OTHER THAN NOT PAYING FOR MUSIC!

Listen Up Everyone Please:

Without the Songwriters who create music for artists who do NOT write their own songs, there will be little if any music when you go to PANDORA OR SPOTIFY OR YOUTUBE….

I am grateful for my success as a Grammy-nominated, hit songwriter….I am grateful that my songs have reached millions of people and meant something to them in their lives….

But I will NOT perpetuate the myth that somehow Songwriters should give their music away for free or let it be stolen by Corporations interested in their own profits by any means possible…

Let the voice of the Songwriters Be Heard!  Send a petition –allow us to be represented at all these meetings between the music world and those who would seek to destroy what we have worked so long and hard to achieve in our lives.

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