The Sketchy, Founder-Feuding History Of Snapchat Summed Up In An Infographic

Snapchat founders Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy are in the middle of a legal spat with a fellow Stanford student, Reggie Brown, who says he is the photo sharing app’s third co-founder.

The lawsuit sounds a lot like the Winklevoss twins versus Mark Zuckerberg. Brown has documents that suggest he came up with the idea for disappearing photos but says he was suddenly ousted by Spiegel and Murphy after a few months of work.

Brown was an English major while the other two are technical co-founders.

TechCrunch created an infographic that makes the timeline of Snapchat’s founding easy to skim. Here are the highlights of the popular app’s history per all the legal documents.

snapchat lawsuit infographic

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