HISTORICAL PHOTOS: What Shanghai Looked Like 100 Years Ago


Photo: Jane Hayward/Visualising China

Visualising China, a web-based research project, gives users access to thousands of vintage photos from China from 1850-1950 (via INFOdocket.com).This collection comes from Shanghai at the turn of the 20th century. The photos show the day to day activities of Shanghai from more than 100 years ago.

Bubbling Well Road, Shanghai

Boats on Huanghu River, Shanghai

The Red Joss House, Yangtszepoo

North Gate, Chinese City, Shanghai

Nangking Road, Shanghai

Irrigation water wheel, near Shanghai

River scene near Ta Hoo

Old gate at Mo-tu

Rev. C.E. Darwent and C.M. Bain outside The Manse, Shanghai

Fair on a race day, Shanghai

Dragon Boat, Shanghai

Chestnut seller, Shanghai

Chinese New Year, Foochow Road, Shanghai

Collecting and storing ice, near Shanghai

Hoeing rice, near Shanghai

Chinese man in summer clothing, Shanghai

Making cotton warp, near Shanghai

Bridge near Ta-hoo

Foochow junk with cargo of poles, Shanghai

Buddhist priest by jetty, Shanghai

Sawing timber, Shanghai

Hot water shop, Shanghai

Shantung Road, Shanghai

Chinese acrobats, Shanghai

Tea house on Nanking Road, Shanghai

Junks on the Huangpu River, Shanghai

Buddha in Yangtszepoo temple

Sanpan and H.M.S. Boneventure, Shanghai

The Chinese Bund, Shanghai

Walking in the rain, Shanghai

Winnowing wheat, Shanghai

Drum Tower, Loongwha temple

Chinese doorway on Ningpo Road, Shanghai

Hauling soap up Chapoo Road, Shanghai

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