Historic Win For The Greens In Prahran, The Second Victorian Lower House Seat For The Party

Sam Hibbins, member for Prahran. Photo: samhibbins.com

The Greens had an historic win in Victoria overnight, defeating the Liberals for the seat Prahran in the state election – the first time they have beaten the Coalition in a lower house seat. The ballot was declared last night with the Greens 261 votes ahead of sitting Liberal MP Clem Newton-Brown. It gives the party two seats in the lower house after Ellen Sandell defeated Labor’s Jennifer Kanis in Melbourne.

In the last three elections, Prahran has switched from Labor to Liberal and now the Greens. Its the smallest seat in the state, with some of Victoria’s wealthiest residents in South Yarra, some of the poorest in public housing estates in Prahran.

Winning Greens candidate Sam Hibbins said listening to each group in the community and running a powerful grassroots campaign, including door-knocking on 20,000 homes, allowed the Greens to win.

The loss of the seat as well as the election after just one term by the Liberal Party follows a surprise win by Labor in the South Australia by-election for the state seat of Fisher, which the Liberals expected to win.

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