"Proper And Legitimate": Hiring Investigator To Track Your Wife Having An Affair With Your Priest

Thornbirds Priest

You know when the case name is Anonymous v. Anonymous that things are going to be interesting.

Here are the basic facts of the case, which are discussed fully in Noeleen G. Walder’s article for New York Law Journal:

Wife files for divorce and asks court to issue protective order against Husband. The order is granted and he must stay 1,000 feet away except for court-ordered visitation and to attend church.

Husband hires private investigator to trail wife. Private investigator follows her to motel room, where she has an encounter with a priest, identified as “Father L.”

Husband can no longer bear to take communion from Father L and eventually tells another priest about the encounter, but begs priest not to tell. Priest tells and the monsignor comes to Husband’s house saying church officials need to investigate. Husband hands over relevant DVD.

Man moves to amend countersuit against wife to add the affair. Wife does not deny affair, but claims Husband violated protective order by hiring the investigator and that giving the DVD to church was harassment. She had to resign from her post at the church, after all.

What say the Orange County, New York Judge Debra Kiedaisch? “Under the circumstances, the hiring of the private investigator, in and of itself, was not an unlawful intrusion upon the rights of the wife secured by the order of protection,” she said.

And, because Father L had continued to give Communion to the family after Husband discovered the affair, he had a “legitimate and justifiable” purpose to tell the church about it.

The takeaway from this story is that divorces are tough and little can ever come for being part of a case called Anonymous v. Anonymous.

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