Hiring advice from the president of the world’s largest job search site, Indeed

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The hiring process is a long and often difficult one. Identifying the need for new roles, sourcing talent, the interview stage – it’s not a simple procedure.

When Business Insider sat down with the president of the world’s largest job search site, Indeed, we saw it as the perfect opportunity to get some advice for employers when it comes to finding and locking down new employees.

Here’s what Chris Hyams had to say:

“We’re a company focused on employment but we’re also a large employer and we hire lots and lots of people and so we see firsthand some of the things that are challenging to us,” he said.

“We’ve spent the last dozen years really just trying to educate employers about using data to guide their hiring process and, in particular, to look at, for each of the areas where they’re using partners to try to hire, how much are you spending and how many hires are you making and how successful are those hires?

“Our chief advice to employers would be to look at what’s performing well and place your energies in the areas where you’re getting the best return. It’s surprising that most people don’t do that.

“With all of the data available today the problem for most employers is that the systems that they use don’t really give them great insight into where they’re getting the most value. So I think that we’ve really taken that as our mission to try to educate people on how they can use data to guide that decision making.”

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