Here's The Great Thing About Hiring Regardless Of The Economy

The full list is too large, but here’s a selection of about 50 of the jobs accepted this past month by members here at TheLadders:

Job Title Salary Account Executive $140K Account Manager $200K Associate Commercial Manager $110K Associate Director $130K Business Development Manager $115K Director $150K Director Finance $160K Director of Facilities $140K Director of Human Resources $110K Director of Operations $120K Director of Regulatory Affairs, Advertising $240K Director of Sales $200K Director of Strategy $145K Director, Sales and Marketing $135K Director, Program Management $170K First Vice President $123K Global Sourcing Manager $103K HR Director $110K Human Resource Manager $100K Manager, Logistics $130K Marketing Director $165K National Director of Business Development $108K Ops Support Team Mgr $100K Plant Manager $120K Principal Engineer $113K Principal Platform Specialist $125K Product Marketing Manager $120K Program Manager $160K Program Manager $121K Project Manager $125K Regional Business Manager $140K Sales Director $120K Security Product Marketing $150K Senior Consultant $125K Senior Embedded Hardware Engineer $102K Senior Project Manager $105K Sr. Manager $105K Sr. Product Marketing Manager $138K Sr. Vice President $150K Sr. VP of Sales and Marketing $200K Strategic Account Manager $100K Technical Analyst $120K Telecom Manager $100K Vice President $150K Vice President of Human Resources $180K VP of Engineering $160K VP of Finance $125K VP of Operations/COO $150K VP Product Manager $160K Western Regional Sales Manager $135KHow can all of these people be getting hired?

Well, the answer is in this graph:


Thousands of hires per month in the US 2002 – 2012

This graph shows the number of hires, in thousands, each month over the past decade here in the US.

Most importantly, what this graph shows you is that even when the economy is rough, most hires are replacement hires — hires, that is, to replace employees who have departed the firm.

Now, there’s no doubt that things have gotten tougher:
– The average number of hires from January 2002 through December 2008 was 5 mm hires per month. (4,999,000 to be exact)
– Since January 2009, that number has been 4 mm hires per month (4,024,000 to be exact).

So the overall level of hiring has dropped by one million hires each month. That’s why unemployment is stubbornly high, and why millions have given up looking.

But, looking on the bright side, what this graph also tells us is that even in a crummy economy, there are still about 4 million new hires every month.

And that’s because companies are always replacing people who have left. Yes, some who have been fired or laid off, but the vast majority to replace those who retired, quit, or left for better opportunities elsewhere.

So the important thing for you to remember is that while the economy as a whole might not be creating more new jobs, companies are still hiring plenty of people, all the time, to replace those workers who have moved on to greener pastures.

Hiring people like you.

So keep up your good spirits this week,I know there’s one job in those four million for you…

Have a great week in the search!

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