INSTANT MBA: Hire People Who Are Unexpected And Unconventional

Daniel Hendrix

Photo: Kaj Embrén/ Youtube

Today’s advice comes from Daniel Hendrix, CEO and president of Interface Inc., via The New York Times:“I like to hire people who are smarter than me, and I like diversity. I like somebody who can think differently … One of the things I look for is hard to find, but when you find this person, they’re gold — it’s a person who can see in three dimensions. When you ask them a question or give them a project, they come back and give you a lot more than what you asked them for.”

Hendrix says it’s easy to find people who can get the job done, the hard part is finding someone who can go above and beyond the expected. The best employees are those who don’t sit around and wait to be told what to do, they take matters into their own hands. If you want to stand out at work speak out and don’t be afraid to be unconventional when you do. Hendrix likes to be challenged by co-workers who are constantly putting forth the unexpected.

“Then there are the people who are just sort of linear, and you ask them to solve a problem and they give you the obvious answer and say, ‘Here’s the answer to the problem.’ But I look for that person who thinks on a different level … They are the people whom you really want to keep and build your company around. They see implications, they see around corners, they see other possibilities. They’ll come up with a different way to think about the problem, a different solution to the problem.”

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