27 of the most hipster neighbourhoods around the world

Plagwitz Leipzig Germanydeux expats / Flickr. Licensed under Creative Commons 2.0The Spinnerei, a cotton factory turned art gallery in Leipzig, Germany’s Plagwitz neighbourhood.

Some neighbourhoods are just more “hip” than others.

Surefire signs of such a neighbourhood include abundant graffiti, markets filled with great vintage finds, and boutique coffee shops.

We rounded up some of the trendiest neighbourhoods around the globe, from Hong Kong’s Sheung Wan to Berlin’s Kreuzberg.

Keep scrolling to see some of the coolest hipster meccas around the world.

Shoreditch, London, England: Besides the fact that Shoreditch is covered in patches of impressive, colourful graffiti, the neighbourhood also boasts Brick Lane Market, which sells vintage clothing, old records, food from around the world, and more.

Little Five Points, Atlanta, Georgia: This walkable little neighbourhood has it all: consignment and clothing stores like Junkman's Daughter, music venues like 7 Stages, and Vortex, a burger joint that is heralded as one of the best in country.

Belleville and Ménilmontant (19th and 20th Arrondissements), Paris, France: These two neighbourhoods boast cheaper rent, artsy galleries, small cafés, bars, and clubs. There's also the Parc de Belleville, which offers breathtaking views of the city.

The Mission, San Francisco, California: The Mission District offers one of San Francisco's best parks: Dolores Park. Visitors can enjoy views of the city skyline while watching old and new movies at Film Night in the Park events.

Shimokitazawa, Tokyo, Japan: Known for its youthful culture, live entertainment, and miscellaneous shops, Shimokita hosts both a theatre festival in the winter and a music festival in the summer.

Echo Park, Los Angeles, California: Echo Park -- the park after which this neighbourhood is named -- and Elysian Park are popular spots among hipsters. Check out the Echo Park Art Walk for a day of PDA (public displays of art).

Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany: Located west of where the Berlin Wall used to be, the bikeable neighbourhood of Kreuzberg is ideal for antiquing or checking out Cold War artwork at the East Side Gallery. Dresdener Straße has a huge selection of delicious -- and affordable -- restaurants.

Lapa, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Lapa is home to a number of famous spots: the Arcos de Lapa (an aqueduct), Passeio Publico (the city's first public park), and the Escadaria Selaron, a colourful, tiled staircase.

Södermalm, Stockholm, Sweden: Once named the coolest neighbourhood in the world by Vogue, Södermalm (known by locals as Söder) is an island off the southern coast of Stockholm. Trendy stores are everywhere, and the decades-old bar Pet Sounds is a must-see that perfectly captures the vibe of the island.

Northern Liberties, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Previously a manufacturing area, NoLibs is popular among artists for its large and inexpensive studio spaces. The neighbourhood also promotes environmentally-friendly construction, and hosts concerts and farmers' markets in the summer.

West Queen West, Toronto, Canada: The creative heart of Toronto, West Queen West boasts over 300 art galleries, the largest concentration in the city. If you like the outdoors, head to Trinity-Bellwoods Park to catch live music and performance art.

District VII, Budapest, Hungary: Also known as Elizabeth Town and the Jewish Center of the city, District VII offers an array of street food, pubs, kosher shops, and nightclubs along Kiraly and Kazinczy Streets.

Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, China: The options in Sheung Wan are endless: Western Market is ideal for hand-crafted goods, Wing Lok Street has seafood, Cat Street is a gold mine of antiques, and Gough Street is known for its hip restaurants.

East Austin, Austin, Texas: East Austin offers great nightlife along 6th Street, and has tons of late-night eats to go along with it. The neighbourhood's ubiquitous food trucks serve everything from soul food to doughnuts.

Palermo Soho/Palermo Hollywood, Buenos Aires, Argentina: Palermo is the city's largest neighbourhood, and it includes both Soho and Hollywood, two trendy areas with great shopping, eats, and nightlife.

Plagwitz, Leipzig, Germany: Even though the neighbourhood is a hub for professional artists, Plagwitz maintains its bohemian authenticity. The area has a strong Portuguese and Brazilian presence and is home to the famous Spinnerei -- a cotton factory turned art gallery.

Pearl District, Portland, Oregon: Over the last decade, Pearl District has transformed into one of Portland's most desirable areas, with lots of craft beers and good coffee. On the first Thursday of every month, art galleries in the area stay open late and display footpath art for people to enjoy.

Vila Madalena, Sao Paulo, Brazil: Street artists like Sao Paulo's Thaís Beltrame and Pato are known for their artwork, which covers the walls and buildings in Vila Madelena.

Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia: Brunswick Street, the main drag in Fitzroy, has plenty of street art, as well as record, book and vintage stores, plus all-day brunch spots.

North Loop, Minneapolis, Minnesota: Also known as the Warehouse District, the North Loop is full of old warehouses that have been converted into boutiques, restaurants, and loft-style apartments.

Florentin, Tel Aviv, Israel: Hipsters flock to Florentin for its affordable living and lack of commercial chains. The 'concrete jungle' has many unique boutiques and art galleries, plus there's great nightlife on Vital Street.

Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York: Brooklyn is home to many hipster neighbourhoods, the most iconic of which is Williamsburg. Bedford Avenue is the area's main drag, and nearby attractions include Brooklyn Brewery, Brooklyn Bowl, the Artists and Fleas market, and weekend food festival Smorgasburg.

Tiong Bahru, Singapore: Tiong Bahru was originally built in the 30s, but only recently turned into a hipster hotspot. The neighbourhood stands apart thanks to its distinctive art-deco style housing and specialty stores. Its Foodie Market Places serves food from around the globe.

Barranco, Lima, Peru: Barranco is Lima's historic bohemian district. The neighbourhood runs along the banks of the Pacific Ocean and is home to park Bajada de Baños and the Bridge of Sighs, a popular hangout for young people.

Wicker Park, Chicago, Illinois: Although Wicker Park is no longer the understated, inexpensive neighbourhood it once was, the area is still a hipster mecca complete with dive bars like Danny's and the popular Mindy's HotChocolate. Some people refer to it as the Brooklyn of Chicago.

Malasaña, Madrid, Spain: Bicycle-friendly coffee houses, a local brewery, and punk rock clubs make Malasaña one of the trendiest areas in Madrid.

Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: Thanks to a growing population of young people, Lawrenceville has seen hotspots like Roundabout Brewery and Espresso a Mano pop up. The neighbourhood also hosts the annual Art All Night show (pictured).

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