The 30 most eligible men and women in San Francisco

Who are the most eligible singles in San Francisco?

Hinge, the dating app that introduces you to friends of friends, says it knows.

Hinge shows you the profiles of single people nearby. If you like someone’s profile, swipe right; if you’re not interested, swipe left to pass.

Unlike other location-based dating apps like Tinder, Hinge only shows you friends of friends and third-degree connections.

Hinge was founded in 2011, but made a comeback and rebranded as a mobile app in February 2013. Its number of active users has grown by 5x over the past year.

Hinge says it’s setting up 35,500 dates per week, and getting 1,500 people into relationships per week. The service has expanded to 29 cities. It’s most popular in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, and Washington, D.C.

“Hinge cuts through the randomness of Tinder,” one daily user told The New York Times in March. “I can take some comfort that she knows some of the same people I do.” In December, Hinge raised $US12 million from venture capitalists, bringing its total amount raised to more than $US20 million.

Hinge picked the top 30 men and women in San Francisco on its app using two factors: high “swipe right rates” on their profiles (profile details like appearance, workplace, and education get taken into account) and influence, or how socially connected they are.

30. Mina Alaghband

Work: Customer Strategy and Ops at a SaaS company

Education: Yale, Stanford Business School

Hometown: London, UK

Influence: 327 friends on Hinge

Worst pre-Hinge date: 'Through the first course he bragged tirelessly about himself. By the middle of the entrees he was sobbing about how it was all an elaborate web of lies… and then ordered a dessert!'

29. Kevin Prior

Work: Product Marketing Manager at Facebook

Education: Harvard University

Hometown: Shrewsbury, MA

Influence: 436 friends on Hinge

Worst pre-Hinge date: 'I was once asked to go to a Jewish singles mixer with a first date, and in my failing to respond, he quickly labelled me an anti-Semite.'

28. Christopher Sater

Work: Support Manager at Google

Education: Stanford University, B.A. and M.S.

Hometown: Mountain View, CA

Influence: 244 friends on Hinge

Worst pre-Hinge date: 'I set up a series of blind dates from another dating site, and stayed in San Francisco over Memorial Day weekend while my friends went to Vegas. Big commitment. The girls I met on Thursday and Friday were alright, but not my type. After the second date and multiple updates from my friends, I was so susceptible to FOMO that I booked a flight to Vegas at 1am and ditched the final two dates. I felt bad cancelling on them last minute, but I ended up having one of the most fun weekends of my life.'

27. Nina Bretlinger

Work: Product Marketing Manager at Adobe

Education: Stanford Unviersity

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Influence: 243 friends on Hinge

Worst pre-Hinge date: 'He picked me up at my apartment, carrying a bottle of red wine. Could have been a sweet gesture, except that he was already plastered and spilled the wine all over my carpet. He then asked if we could go to dinner in North Beach to be in close proximity to the strip clubs.'

26. Keegan Youmans-Via

Work: Technical Recruiter at Facebook

Education: Santa Clara University

Hometown: Portland, OR

Influence: 258 friends on Hinge

Worst pre-Hinge date: 'I haven't had many, thankfully. The worst was probably when I walked into an empty bar on a Saturday afternoon to for a first date. The first words out of her mouth were insults, before I could say anything, and they didn't stop. I lasted about five minutes before I had to pull the ripcord -- there weren't enough drinks in the bar to cushion her terrible manners. That was the last time I used Tinder.'

25. Danielle Papermaster

Work: Product Manger at SOASTA

Education: Lehigh University

Hometown: Austin, TX

Influence: 223 friends on Hinge

Worst pre-Hinge date: 'My date took multiple selfies while we were out… one is too many.'

24. Scott Purdy

Work: Engineering Manager at Numenta

Education: Cornell University, B.S. and M.Eng.

Hometown: Snohomish, WA

Influence: 191 friends on Hinge

Worst pre-Hinge date: 'As a conversation starter, my date and I started talking about our closest friends and what they were like. I happen to like mine, so I stuck to flattering characteristics and stories. But my date went the opposite direction, and completely sent her friends down the river! I couldn't picture even being friends with someone like that, so the option of seeing her romantically was instantly off the table.'

23. Alex Boches

Work: Business Development for Uversity

Education: Colby College

Hometown: Beverly, MA

Influence: 255 friends on Hinge

Worst pre-Hinge date: 'I met a girl at a dive bar shortly after graduating college. We talked, I got her number, and we planned on meeting up for drinks later that week. When we met outside the bar she surprised me by apologizing for previously telling me she was 22 years old. It turned out that she was only 20 and her fake ID didn't work at 'real bars' so we ended up getting pizza and talking about her sorority.'

22. Sherilynn 'Cheri' Macale

Work: Blogger and Social Media Personality

Education: San Joaquin Delta College

Hometown: Stockton, CA

Influence: 95 friends on Hinge

Worst pre-Hinge date? 'Prior to using Hinge, I'd been using OkCupid and Tinder. And while there's absolutely nothing wrong with OkC or Tinder, I will say that the overall quality of 'eligible bachelors' on these applications has been questionable.

One of my Tinder dates looked perfectly normal. Tall, muscular, well-spoken, and hot (like, really hot). But within the first three minutes of the date, I found out he'd been to jail three times, had over 20 felonies, a serious former meth habit and had done some dubious things to support that habit. I feel guilty saying this because he seemed like a pretty nice guy who happened to have a sordid past, but WTF. That was possibly the worst way I could ever imagine introducing yourself on a first date.'

21. Kevin F. Adler

Work: Founder & CEO at NearShot

Education: Occidental College; M.Phil from Cambridge University

Hometown: Livermore, CA

Influence: 308 friends on Hinge

Worst pre-Hinge date: 'Fortunately, I haven't had too many horrible dating experiences. Mostly just a total lack of compatibility. I tend to trust my intuition a lot, and so have been very sceptical of meeting anyone through online dating. Online dates can often feel like evaluative events (ugh), so that's one of the reasons I like Hinge so much. It feels like you are matching with someone who you could have met through a mutual friend. It's much better to meet a person who is 1 or 2 degrees away, and be able to get to know each other as people.

Though there was that time that my date refused to speak to me for the first five minutes of dinner, after she got mad that I suggested we order a particular entree I had heard a lot about: 'I can make my own decisions!''

20. Jennifer Cadet

Work: Big Law Attorney

Education: Stanford University and UC Berkeley School of Law

Hometown: Hercules, CA

Influence: 231 friends on Hinge

Worst pre-Hinge date: 'I don't have any really awful stories about actual dates (luckily), but I recently exchanged phone number with a guy, and then received a series of texts that were so rude that I couldn't bring myself to even go out with him. Very relieved to have dodged that bullet.'

19. Irene Paguio

Work: Client Service Manager at Sequoia Consulting Group

Education: San Francisco State University

Hometown: Guam

Influence: 24 friends on Hinge

Worst pre-Hinge date: 'My date kept referring to himself in the third person. I was so confused. I kept thinking he was talking about someone else he knew with the same name as him but as it turns out… he was just talking about himself the whole time!'

18. Ryan Morris

Work: Head of Business Development at Yo App

Education: University of Southern California

Hometown: Atherton, CA

Influence: 679 friends on Hinge

Worst pre-Hinge date: 'I took an adorable Southern Belle out for a night of dancing in Santa Monica. After dinner and a few drinks, I thought I'd show her my dance moves that had previously only been tested at weddings. First song, first twirl: she falls and is out for the count with a concussion. She got back together with her ex boyfriend the following week.'

17. Jessie Montalto

Work: Account Executive at Peek

Education: Boston College

Hometown: Locust Valley, NY

Influence: 312 friends on Hinge

Worst pre-Hinge date: 'Not terrible, just embarrassing: I went on a date with an older guy and, after failing my road test four times, had to have my best friend drop me off. I was so nervous that he would think I wasn't mature that I made my friend park in the lot next to the bar and hype me up for 20 minutes before I had the courage to walk in. Once inside, I confidently ordered a glass of rose (pronounced like the flower)… not rosé. My cover was blown.'

16. Melissa Dalis

Work: Data Scientist at Square

Education: Duke University

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Influence: 528 friends on Hinge

Worst pre-Hinge date: 'After dinner, my date and I were bar hopping in the Mission, and we saw a fight break out on a street corner between a couple guys and a girl. My date tried to defend the girl, and then the guys punched him in the face several times, including on his eye. Then I tried to defend him and they punched me in the jaw and ran away.'

15. George Xing

Work: Director of Analytics at Lyft

Education: Princeton University

Hometown: Edison, NJ

Influence: 188 friends on Hinge

Worst pre-Hinge date: 'I had a date where her phone was running out of battery, and she insisted on charging it at the only power outlet… on the other side of the bar. Every few minutes she went back across the bar to check her phone for urgent work emails. It got pretty awkward once other people at the bar started noticing.'

14. Alix Peabody

Work: Executive Recruiter at Riviera Partners

Education: Dartmouth College

Hometown: New York, NY

Influence: 564 friends on Hinge

Worst pre-Hinge date: 'In college, playing a game of Dartmouth Pong (it's like Ping Pong with paddles, not Beirut) in a fraternity basement was considered a pretty advanced date… need I say more?'

13. Arthur Levy

Work: Senior Manager, Corporate Development at Teespring

Education: Princeton University

Hometown: Boston, MA

Influence: 451 friends on Hinge

Worst pre-Hinge date: 'I went out with this girl who was on her phone and taking selfies the entire date. When I asked if she would mind putting her phone away, she refused and claimed to be an Insta-celeb. Look out, Kim Kardashian. Things went downhill from there. #followmeback #like4like'

12. Akansha Agrawal

Work: Research Associate at LinkedIn

Education: UC Berkeley

Hometown: Cupertino, CA

Influence: 165 friends on Hinge

Worst pre-Hinge date?: 'It was a date that I didn't realise was a date until the end. I thought it was just a casual dinner to catch up, but throughout the night, my 'friend' would ask more and more intimate questions. Worst part is when the check arrived, I took out my card to split it, and he literally flung my card out of my hand so that he could pay for it as a proper date. I was very ready to go home.'

11. Ian Blue

Work: Legislative Assistant, U.S. House of Representatives

Education: UC Santa Barbara

Hometown: Ukiah, CA

Influence: 123 friends on Hinge

Worst pre-Hinge date: 'I have been very fortunate to not have had any dates that I would consider bad, though I did make the mistake of walking instead of driving to a date on a very cold and dry day in DC, which resulted in my upper lip drying up and splitting badly right before I arrived! It was so embarrassing but at least my date was sympathetic.'

10. Caitlin Heising

Work: Co-Founder of Human Rights Watch Young Professionals Network - San Francisco

Education: Brown University

Hometown: Palo Alto, CA

Influence: 246 friends on Hinge

Worst pre-Hinge date: 'I've actually never gone on a really terrible date. But one time, Mark Zuckerberg asked me out on a double date with his wife and a friend of theirs -- no pressure, right? It turned out I already knew the other guy (we were in the same 1st grade class) and sparks just didn't fly, but at least it was fun!'

9. Rujul Zaparde

Work: Cofounder and CEO at FlightCar

Education: Harvard University

Hometown: Plainsboro, NJ

Influence: 97 friends on Hinge

Worst pre-Hinge date: 'This one was on me. I was 20 years old, and went out for a drink with an older girl. I even suggested the place, so I was feeling very cool and confident… and then the bouncer wouldn't let me into the bar.'

8. Vanessa Motley

Work: Director of Customer Experience at Weddington Way

Education: University of Southern California, Stanford Business School

Hometown: Fresno, CA

Influence: 97 friends on Hinge

Worst pre-Hinge date: 'Let's just say it involved a Frisbee-playing former warlock that decided it was first-date-appropriate to take a bite of the celery in my Bloody Mary… and then put it back in my drink for safe keeping. I ended up having a 'work emergency' on a Sunday afternoon that cut the date short.'

7. Justin McLeod Bethune

Work: Engagement and Monetization at Dropbox

Education: Saint Mary's College of California, American University of Paris

Hometown: Oakland, CA

Influence: 161 friends on Hinge

Worst pre-Hinge date: 'I was on a date with a girl who could not stop talking. I literally didn't say a word for the first 30 minutes and when I did it was a very brief, 'Oh that sounds cool.' On top of that, she mostly talked about cats, although that is certainly not what I thought 'sounded cool.''

6. Tim Sae Koo


Education: University of Southern California

Hometown: Arcadia, CA

Influence: 284 friends on Hinge

Worst pre-Hinge date: 'Mistakenly blurting out 'you'd be such a great friend' after an exciting two-hour long conversation. Tried to clarify my accident, but just kept digging a deeper hole, so I just hugged it out and walked off. I yelled at myself on that ride home. #accidentallyfriendzoned'

5. Ashley Thompson

Work: Startup Founder

Education: University of Oklahoma

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Influence: 37 friends on Hinge

Worst pre-Hinge date: 'I've had some great ones and some questionable ones. But worst date goes to the gentleman who showed up to a first date already very drunk, and holding a six-pack of beer. Then he suggested we go 'hang out.' No thank you.'

4. Christopher Turner

Work: Sr. Strategy and Operations Analyst at Zillow Group

Education: Harvard University

Hometown: Washington, DC

Influence: 351 friends on Hinge

Worst pre-Hinge date: 'One summer in college, I went out with a guy who insisted that he walk three to four paces behind me while in public. Why? Because he was closeted and didn't want anyone to suspect he was on a date with a man. After the date, I (immaturely) stopped answering his texts but managed to run into him FOUR times over the next six weeks. So uncomfortable.'

2. Nick Mannella

Work: Designer of Epic Shorts at Chubbies and Founder at Knot Clothing & Belt Co.

Education: St. Lawrence University, Franklin College Switzerland

Hometown: Naples, NY

Influence: 213 friends on Hinge

Worst pre-Hinge date: 'Have you ever gone out on a date with a girl and then a couple weeks later gone out on a date with that girl's sister without knowing they were siblings? Yeah, that happened….and I didn't realise it until halfway through the date. AND, I later found out it had happened to them a couple times before. My friends love bringing up that story.'

1. Aspen Jordan

Work: Professional Jazz Singer

Education: Williams College

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Influence: 163 friends on Hinge

Worst pre-Hinge date: 'I once went out with a guy who thought it was cute to pinch my butt. But, like, hard. I tried to discourage it in a teasing way, but the date was over when I had to whip around and say 'THE PINCHING IS HORRIBLE.''

3. Sims Witherspoon

Work: Brand Marketing at Google

Education: University of Pennsylvania

Hometown: Columbia, SC

Influence: 228 friends on Hinge

Worst pre-Hinge date story: 'I'm Southern, and a blind date once informed me that he was very disappointed that I neither had an accent nor wore pearls to our date. I thought he was being playful… but he wasn't.'

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