The 30 Most Eligible Men And Women In New York City

Who are the most eligible bachelors and bachelorettes in New York City?

Dating app Hinge, the app that introduces you to friends of friends, knows.

Hinge shows users the profiles of single people close by. You can swipe right if you like someone’s profile or swipe left if you aren’t interested. You’ll only see friends of friends and third-degree connections on the app, which adds social credibility to every person you’re matched with.

Founded in 2011, Hinge made a huge comeback and rebranded as a mobile app in February 2013. Its active users have grown five times over the past year.

Hinge has made more than 8 million matches, up from 1 million in March of last year, and the service has expanded to 29 cities. It’s most popular in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, and Washington, D.C.

“Hinge cuts through the randomness of Tinder,” one daily user told The New York Times in March. “I can take some comfort that she knows some of the same people I do.” In December, Hinge raised $US12 million from venture capitalists, bringing its total amount raised to over $US20 million.

Hinge picked the top 30 men and women in NYC on its app by considering two factors: high “swipe right rates” on their profiles (profile details like appearance, workplace, and education are all taken into account) and influence, or how socially connected they are.

30. Teddy MacKenzie

Work: Underwriter at ACE

Education: University of Denver, Bucknell University

Influence: 504 friends on Hinge

Worst pre-Hinge date: 'Taking a girl to a sushi restaurant, but completely forgetting I'd lost my wallet the night before. She had to pay, and it was a pretty hefty bill. Not my best moment.'

29. Amanda Usher

Work: Teacher, 12th Grade British Literature

Education: Columbia University

Influence: 417 friends on Hinge

Worst pre-Hinge date story: 'Don't do brunch if you had an engagement the eve before. You may not be as good on your toes, and forget that dates are like an interview. This particular interviewer met me in the Lower East Side, and midway through his eggs Benedict he said, 'You know we've met before?' I immediately blushed, and wished I'd ordered a mimosa over iced coffee… definitely did not remember him.'

28. Zach Tatge

Work: Associate Producer at ABC News

Education: Keene State

Influence: 356 friends on Hinge

Worst pre-Hinge date: 'She never showed up :('

27. Jenny Wu

Work: Startup Consultant

Education: NYU, University of Pennsylvania

Influence: 132 friends on Hinge

Worst pre-Hinge date: 'It wasn't really a date, but from what I can tell, it certainly toed the line. Working in the startup world means I have a lot of unconventional meeting places, but I once had an investor invite me to a meeting at the Russian/Turkish baths. I politely declined that one.'

26. James Bohannon

Work: VP & Chief of Compliance at Rizm

Education: Trinity College

Influence: 474 friends on Hinge

Worst pre-Hinge date: 'Once took a vegan to a steakhouse on Valentine's Day… then discovered I had left my wallet in the cab. Astoundingly, I recovered the fumble.'

25. Anna Cogswell

Work: Head of Marketing at Next Step Realty

Education: College of Charleston

Influence: 271 friends on Hinge

Worst pre-Hinge date: 'I can't say the worst, but I can definitely say the best - April 25th. It's not too hot, not too cold. All you need is a light jacket.'

24. Shrutika Sachdev

Work: HR at Citi

Education: Cornell University

Influence: 293 friends on Hinge

Worst pre-Hinge date: 'I changed the location of the date from a cafe to a bar at the last minute…only to find out my date doesn't drink.'

23. Brian Koehler

Work: Account Executive at AR New York

Education: Boston University

Influence: 221 friends on Hinge

Worst pre-Hinge date: 'Probably the time I showed up wearing the exact same outfit as my date. Same coat, vest, shirt, and pants. Hashtag awk.'

22. Shana Goldberg

Work: Designer Sales at Modalyst

Education: Colorado University at Boulder

Influence: 150 friends on Hinge

Worst pre-Hinge date: 'Meeting up with a 'fashion photographer' in the West Village, only to find out he was totally unemployed and apartment-less. He basically spent the entire date trying to get freelance work from me.'

21. Warren Reed

Work: Office of Financial Research

Education: NYU, Columbia University

Influence: 152 friends on Hinge

Worst pre-Hinge date: 'She never showed up, and we even confirmed earlier that day! I waited for an hour because I assumed she was just running late, but I never heard from her. It was very odd.'

20. Matt Lally

Work: Fiction Writer

Education: Columbia

Influence: 218 friends on Hinge

Worst pre-Hinge date: 'I had a date where this girl's nose would straight-up not stop bleeding the entire time -- she'd get up and go to the bathroom to deal with it, come back and it'd be fine for a few minutes, then would start bleeding again. Later she left the tissue paper in so we could make out, scout's honour.'

19. Laetizia Bizzari

Work: Stem Cell Research at Mt. Sinai Hospital

Education: Vanderbilt University

Influence: 476 friends on Hinge

Worst pre-Hinge date: 'A guy asked me to go with him to his client's house party (which turned out to be three guys sitting on a couch talking about work for two hours), then brought me to a club where his philosopher friend from college whipped out different lit novels from his coat pockets, and proceeded to quote Aristotle and ask me for my favourite passages from 'Jane Eyre' all night.'

18. Kyle Rocco

Work: Product Marketing at Facebook

Education: Bentley University

Influence: 255 friends on Hinge

Worst pre-Hinge date: 'A friend from college set me up on a blind date with a friend she grew up with. I went for it with my friend's vote of confidence, but a few drinks in I realised I was in for a real treat. At first she seemed fine, and we were having a good chat about work, family, city life, etc. and even had a few laughs. But around drink three the wheels started falling off… she began a long-winded monologue that covered a variety of fun topics including, but not limited to: pride in growing up with certain level of 'status' (ok…), her dissatisfaction with the president (no actual examples cited), her dislike for paying taxes, her disdain for the poor and the homeless, a slew of religious intolerances, and finally, how Facebook was contributing to the downfall of society. If you were wondering, there was no second date.'

17. Michael Fragoso

Work: Brand Manager at No. 8

Education: Parsons School of Design

Influence: 164 friends on Hinge

Worst pre-Hinge date: 'I was getting tipsy with some friends and VERY generously swiping right (on another app). Then I went to a work event and ended up running into not one, not two, but three of those boys. I wish I had been able to investigate them a little further. How embarrassing!'

16. David Masterman

Work: Private Equity and M&A Analyst at Brown Brothers Harriman

Education: Amherst College

Influence: 394 friends on Hinge

Worst pre-Hinge date: 'I once took a girl to a happy hour drinks and oysters, and I only learned toward the end of the date that she did not drink… or eat oysters. But I swear, she was a master of distraction.'

15. Jillian Tapper

Work: Bleacher Report

Education: Florida State University

Influence: 193 friends on Hinge

Worst pre-Hinge date: 'First dates are always a little awkward, but this is one of my favourites. A friend of a friend had the 'perfect guy' to set me up with, so she gave him my number. After a couple of weeks of endless persistence on his end, we decided to meet. The date went well and the next day I received what I thought would be a standard 'good morning' text, but there was a picture attached… of his FULL NAKED BODY. Shock is an understatement.'

14. Foster Baker

Work: Creative Visual Presentation at Ralph Lauren

Education: Colgate University

Influence: 411 friends on Hinge

Worst pre-Hinge date: 'I'm one of the lucky ones -- never had a really bad date. But then again, I've been using Hinge for quite a while, so…'

13. Justin Weiss

Work: Founder at

Education: Georgetown University

Influence: 334 friends on Hinge

Worst pre-Hinge date: 'I went on a date with this girl I had a huge crush on. Dinner went great until I tried to pick up the check… and my card was declined. After a desperate phone call from the men's room (suspected fraudulent activity that needed to be 'escalated tomorrow') I sprinted down the street to an ATM -- broken! By the time I got back to the table to explain, she'd already paid and was frowning. I texted her about it the next day, but she didn't have PayPal and mailing her a check seemed awkward. After that things fell silent. I guess if American Express was enough to come between us, then it wasn't meant to be… but I do carry more than one credit card now.'

12. Evan Eisenberg

Work: Customer Success Manager at Oracle

Education: University of Buffalo

Influence: 205 friends on Hinge

Worst pre-Hinge date: 'Nightmare blind date (first mistake), set up by a girl I met while visiting LA and hardly knew (second mistake). She recommended I meet her friend, so we made a dinner date (third mistake). She was already on her third drink before the entrees came, and not slowing down. It went downhill pretty quickly from there. After dinner I thanked her for meeting me and made it clear we should go our separate ways. Drunken insults ensued, followed by her questioning my manliness and sexual orientation.'

11. Tara Berman

Work: Residency in Internal Medicine at Mount Sinai St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital

Education: University of Pennsylvania, Columbia University, Sackler School of Medicine

Influence: 274 friends on Hinge

Worst pre-Hinge date: 'I can't stay away from the hospital, apparently. I once had to leave a date early because I swallowed a fishbone and had to go to the ER to get it removed.'

10. Julia Capalino

Work: Founder at Pinch Parties

Education: Davidson College

Influence: 376 friends on Hinge

Worst pre-Hinge date: 'While it wasn't all that terrible, it certainly wasn't fun. He was 30 minutes late, barely acknowledged it, and then proceeded to talk about himself the entire time. I can only hear so many stories about Electric Daisy Carnival and how hard you club before I start planning a getaway.'

9. James Cole

Work: Brand Planner at Young & Rubicam Group

Education: Princeton University

Influence: 375 friends on Hinge

Worst pre-Hinge date: 'I once had a first date yell at me for putting my menu too close to the candle on the table (which was tiny and in a large glass cup). I moved my menu and kept talking. Ten minutes later she brought it up again, more panicked this time, so I asked her what was up. She finally admitted that she burned down her sorority house in college and doesn't trust fire anymore.'

8. Guillermo Echarte

Work: Co-founder of Yero and Media Account Manager at LinkedIn

Education: Duke University

Influence: 415 friends on Hinge

Worst Pre-Hinge date: 'She showed up 30 minutes late and drunk.'

7. Anureta Chahal

Work: Account Executive at DISYS

Education: George Washington University

Influence: 120 friends on Hinge

Worst pre-Hinge date: 'A guy threw a temper tantrum the first time we ever met, demanding to know my feelings for him right then.'

6. Justin Wilkinson

Work: Analyst at Neuberger Berman

Education: University of Richmond

Influence: 311 friends on Hinge

Worst pre-Hinge date: 'I had a first date where the girl showed up considerably drunk, spent the first half of the night talking about herself and the second half in the bathroom.'

5. Lauren Drell

Work: Director of Branded Content at Mashable

Education: University of Pennsylvania, Northwestern University

Influence: 318 friends on Hinge

Worst pre-Hinge date: 'One guy rattled off a series of rather obnoxious questions, like 'Do you summer out east?' and, 'So are you really single? I Googled you…' When I didn't reply, he sent macaroons to my office with his phone number on the note. I was not into him at all after the snob interview process, but I'll admit… I ate the macarons. They were delicious.'

4. Matt McDonald

Work: Product Marketing at Google

Education: Dartmouth College

Influence: 140 friends on Hinge

Worst pre-Hinge date: 'I once met a guy who talked about himself non-stop for 47 minutes. I timed it. There wasn't really much to say after that, because it seemed pretty clear he was more interested in getting to know himself.'

3. Julie Manheimer

Work: Founder at Lady J Creative

Education: University of Pennsylvania

Influence: 155 friends on Hinge

Worst pre-Hinge date: 'I once went on a date with a guy who got so drunk he knocked over a chair and two glasses on his way out of the bar. Not pretty.'

2. Adam Kalamchi

Work: Founder of Brilliant Bicycles

Education: Harvard and Columbia Universities

Influence: 283 friends on Hinge

Worst pre-Hinge date: 'I went on a date with someone who refused to answer 'interview questions' like where she was from, or what she liked to do in her free time. She thought the only appropriate questions were things like 'if you were trapped on a desert island, what five foods would you take?' I learned a lot of random trivia, but almost nothing about her as a person. She also called me two minutes before we were supposed to meet to say she'd be 45 minutes late… it didn't work out.'

1. Carli Roth

Work: Co-founder of Host Committee

Education: University of Colorado at Boulder

Influence: 485 friends on Hinge

Worst pre-Hinge date: 'Getting stood up twice in one night… by the same guy.'

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