Where the most attractive people in the US come from, according to dating app Hinge

When you’re dating, there’s something special about finding someone from your hometown, no matter where you’re living at the moment.

There’s an ease in those first awkward conversations, and topics you can lean on if you stumble. Then there’s the underlying shared experience that can make you feel closer, and the down-the-road potential that maybe, someday, you might want to move back home (if you don’t still live there).

As we get into the season where many people are go home for the holidays, dating app Hinge decided to look at whether people actually match more frequently with people from their hometowns, and which hometowns produced the most attractive people (defined by average connections per person).

The answer to the first question was a resounding “yes.” Hinge users are 75% more likely to connect with someone from their hometown, and twice as likely to go on a date.

Turning to the most attractive hometowns, Hinge looked at cities with over 50,000 in population. Bethesda, Maryland, scored well for both men and women (one and three respectively). Manhattan for men and Boca Raton for women, however, saw a major difference between genders.

Here are the full lists.

Most attractive hometowns overall:

  1. Bethesda, MD

  2. Wilmington, DE

  3. Newton, MA

  4. Manhattan, NYC

  5. Greenwich, CT

  6. Boca Raton, FL

  7. Pasadena, CA

  8. Newport Beach CA

  9. Boulder, CO

  10. Boston, MA

Where do the most sought after women grow up?

  1. Boca Raton, FL

  2. Greenwich, CT

  3. Bethesda, MD

  4. Boulder, CO

  5. Newport Beach, CA

  6. Cherry Hills, NJ

  7. Stamford, CT

  8. Newton, MA

  9. Scottsdale, AZ

  10. Ann Arbor, MI

Where do the most sought after men grow up?

  1. Bethesda, MD

  2. Manhattan, NY

  3. Greenwich, CT

  4. Newton, MA

  5. Fairfield, CT

  6. Newport Beach, CA

  7. Boston, MA

  8. Syracuse, NY

  9. Santa Monica, CA

  10. Marietta Georgia

Here’s a map that Hinge put together on the subject:

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